What Your Zodiac Sign Means


Ashley Northcotte

A Zodiac sign is the position of the sun when you were born. There are 12 different types of different Zodiac signs and it all depends on your birthday. It is believed that your Zodiac sign influences your personality and life choices. The Zodiac signs being, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Every Zodiac sign even comes with their own animal (or object) and earth element that represents them.


ARIES- March 21- April 19

The Aries is the ram of the Zodiac group. Their earth element is a fire sign. Aries are very passionate and independent. You are very competitive and need to win all the time. You are sweet to the touch until someone pulls the last straw. Sometimes their loyalty to their opinion can get them in trouble as they aren’t afraid to call someone out. Although Aries are always on the move, if you can keep up with them, you will have a friend forever.


TAURUS- April 20- May 20

The Taurus is the Bull of the Zodiac signs. Their element is earth. Taurus are smart and trustworthy. You are all about honesty and it is hard to give someone that trust back if they break it. People call you stubborn but you try to understand things from everyone else’s point of view. Having a reputation for being the hardest working Zodiac, you will not hesitate to get the job done.


GEMINI – May 21-June 20

The Gemini is not an animal of the group, but are twins. Their element is air. Geminis are very sassy and passionate. You don’t stand scared of anyone but are very affectionate on the inside. You are very energetic and don’t rely on the past and only look forward. You almost never get bored because you are always thinking! You actually don’t actually mind being alone sometimes either.


CANCER – June 21-July 22

The Cancer is the crab of the Zodiac group. Their element is water. You value emotions like a trophy. You are very sweet to everyone around you, but you get hurt easily. Whether it is the tone of someone’s voice or their body language, that could upset you and you dwell on it for a period of time. You may be standoffish at first, but when someone finally gets you out of your shell, you are energetic, happy, and overall a lovable person.


LEO-  July 23- August 22

The Leo is the lion of the Zodiac group. Their element is fire. You’re very bold and proud of everything you do. You were born a natural leader. You believe that respect is earned and not because of someone’s position in power. Making friends is no problem because of your energy and intelligence. When it comes to relationships you are very passionate and might be the best partner you have ever had.  Others around you may look at the negative outlooks on a situation, but you are very optimistic and have a positive outlook.


VIRGO- August 23- September 22

The Virgo is not an animal but a virgin, or fallen angel. Their element is earth.  You are very graceful in everything you do and are shyer than the rest of the Zodiacs. You are amazing at keeping secrets and love your friends unconditionally. You may be a perfectionist and need to be organized all the time. You expect a lot from yourself and that can reflect on how you look at other people too. You get inspired by talents and beauty and use them to express your feelings.


LIBRA- September 23- October 22

The Libra is the scale of the Zodiacs. Their element is air. The scales represent balance and order. You are always willing to put others before yourself without hesitation. You are a very loyal person that everyone can count on, and they all adore you. Everything in your life must be balanced and other Zodiacs’ look up to you for that. You are the peacemaker in every situation. Intelligence is your weakness when looking for a partner and that can be a deal-breaker if not present. Everyone looks up to you and your balanced lifestyle.


SCORPIO- October 23- Nov 21

Scorpios are the scorpions of the Zodiac group. Their element is water. Scorpios are very independent and think for themselves. They walk their own path and can sometimes be mysterious. They are not afraid to blaze their opinion or the honest truth. They never dwell on the past and only look forward. They love debating and controversy but hate it if they lose an argument. Because of these traits, you may seem intimidating but are actually very in tune with their emotions. They keep it all in but are actually very emotional. Once people get passed your outer shell, you are very loyal. But also can be devious and can be your worst enemy.


SAGITTARIUS- November 22- December 21

Sagittarius is the archer of the Zodiac signs. Their element is fire.  You’re very adventurous and creative. You never hesitate for a last-minute adventure. You are a natural-born leader but aren’t afraid to step away from the pack. You always go for what you want with confidence. Being open-hearted and generous comes naturally for you. You are very grateful and responsible. Having a Sagittarius as a friend can be a huge blessing in your life.


CAPRICORN- December 22- January 19

The Capricorn is the goat of the group. Their element is earth. Capricorns always get what they put their mind to. You are amazingly smart and hardworking. You are a natural-born follower. Being organized is your game and being neat is very important to you. You are very serious when it comes to your schoolwork or your job. Being funny comes naturally to you even if you don’t mean it. When befriending a Capricorn, you will have a loyal friend and they will even treat you like family.


AQUARIUS- January 20- February 18

The Aquarius is the water bearer of the group. Their element is air. You are very independent and intuitive. You have a very strong opinion on social justice and strive to make the world a better place for everyone. You are very concerned about other people because caring is in your nature. Beliving everyone is equal is your game and that is what makes you so unique. You respect everyone equally and do not bring others down. Other people look up to your bright caring spirit.


PISCES- February 19 – March 20

The Pisces is the fish of the Zodiac group. Their element is water. Pisces are usually more sensitive and can hold on to emotions longer than others. Your gut reaction is also close to never wrong. Big groups of people you do not know is not really your thing and you prefer to have only a couple of close friends. You are usually quiet but inside you’re very strong and independent, which can surprise people from time to time.


Information based on Horoscope.com  

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