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OHHS Student Joseph J. Serpa submitted his hand-written poem titled "The End" to Paw Print Journalism. Joseph is currently a senior at Oak Hills High School.

The End

Poem submitted by Joseph J. Serpa

The moon dwells in the dark, the tides do the

Dusk’s biding…

While the sands do violently sparkle naval blue;

the waves are quite maddening

The tempo of the tides lay at adagio

While the sands play prestissimo under the current

of the moving looking glass


Along the shores, arch stones

Dark rainbows that have a cycling beginning

No ending…

Air still with no wind blow

Nor temperature; eternal

Forever immortalized sands

Always new and old

Always concurrent is everything always is

Same as there is no evergreens

They forever die and turn to sand


The skies are dark, but the clouds are white

Purity still roams within the calm depths…

Slowly sinking releasing calm breathes

No light reaches you but your own

Sensations are overwhelmingly submitting

The darkness calls to do your biding in a twisted tongue

Forever calling without direction; Yet words lead us each way

Eternal beginnings, and forever no endings…


Joseph is a senior at Oak Hills High School. Paw Print Journalism encourages all students to submit their articles and interests to publish at Paw Print.

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