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Seriah Camacho

This picture is of a Grapple pilot fist bumping a Ronin titan. It is dedicated to all those who played Titanfall 2 and took or lost their lives. It was drawn by Seriah Camacho.

Many people, including myself, enjoy playing video games. A lot of gamers play games any chance they get. But many people don’t believe that gaming can benefit you. 

Ianna Rosales is a tenth-grade OHHS student. She started gaming when she was eight. She plays adventure, horror, and IQ games. Ianna plays games on the phone 2-4 hours a day and she plays games on her console about 2 hours a week. 

When asked if she thinks gaming can benefit her she replied, “Personally, I think it depends on the game itself. Because there are some games that do have benefits. Especially for your IQ. But then there are some games that are just for entertainment. But I do think that depending on the type of games you play, they can increase your creativity and problem-solving skills.” 

Marc Anthony Yniguez is an eleventh-grade OHHS student. He started gaming when he was nine years old. He plays shooter and fighting games. He said he plays games any chance he gets. He estimated that he plays games for about two hours a day on school days. And several hours a day on the weekends.

When Marc was asked if he thinks gaming can benefit him he replied, “Yes, gaming can help with actual real-life stuff like memory, problem-solving, and the games where you have to move can help you physically. You can also meet new people while you are gaming, so it helps with social skills. And gaming also keeps you from being bored.” 

When Marc was asked if gaming helps him with the creativity he replied, “Sometimes my friends and I come up with stuff to do that is related to videogames. In play fights, I would use moves from fighting games.” Marc keeps gaming because “ gaming is really fun, and it keeps me from being bored.” 

 Carolyn Bailey is a 29-year-old physical security officer at a data center. She has been playing games as far back as she can remember. She plays games anytime she has a few hours to herself with no chores or errands to finish. She plays shooting games, open-world games, and racing games.

When she was asked if gaming benefits her in any way she replied, “Yes. Gaming benefits me by being a therapeutic aspect of my life. Some video games are puzzles that have to be solved, while in others you have to strategize and plan what you have to do to complete the task.”  Carolyn continues to play games because she “can socialize with family and friends through online chatting as well as bond with them through playing the game.” 

Last but not least is Liam Guzy. He is a 22-year-old Youtuber and he started playing games when he was approximately 5 years old. The first game he was introduced to was the “Star Wars Pod Racing” game. His youtube channel is “Liamzilla4777”. He plays games like TF2, Prototype, The Legend of Zelda, and Lego games. But his all-time favorite game is “Godzilla Unleashed”.

When asked if he thinks gaming can benefit him, he replied, “The puzzles and dungeons in them require thinking inside and outside of the box as well as good timing ability. And the Lego games help with creativity because they promote imagination by showing what kinds of builds can be made, influencing them to create their own builds.”

He doesn’t think gaming is a waste of time because they are a good outlet, and games that require moving allows for good exercise. He also believes gaming can improve hand-eye coordination.

So it turns out gaming actually can benefit you in several different ways. Gaming improves coordination, improves problem-solving skills, enhances memory, improves attention and concentration, it is a great source of learning, improves the brain’s speed, enhances multitasking skills, and improves social skills.

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