Street Tacos Come To Our School

The First Taco Tueday of The School

Our first Taco Tuesday here at Oak Hills High School is going to be on January 28th during lunch. Students will be receiving one taco being meat and the other being chicken going along with a side of beans and Spanish rice. The tacos will be switched out from the regular cafeteria menu to this special Taco Tuesday event. Students can get the tacos if they get free lunch and if you don’t you will have to pay the regular price as you would normally for school lunch. The tacos will be made outside of the cafeteria and the tortillas will be made inside, along with homemade salsa for the tacos.

“We love giving you guys something special,” said one of the supervisors of Nutrition Services Joe Rock.

The tacos will be made by Nutrition Services. Make sure to go to the cafeteria and go pick up your tacos. The cafeteria staff worked very hard and are willing to do this every month but we need all the students to come out and support. If wanted or in need of more information you can go to the lunchroom and speak to any of the staff. 

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