Hobbies of OHHS Students


Photo by Erin Alvarado

Samantha Carrillo is pictured in her cheer uniform cheering for the football team.

Highlights of some Interesting Hobbies

Most students at Oak Hills High School have a hobby, and some of them are pretty wild. Whether it’s baking,  coding, or even singing, these students stay busy outside of school. Three hobbies that are relatively popular on the OHHS campus are playing an instrument, dancing, and being a cheerleader. Three students stick out when it comes to those categories. 

Zane Courtney is a sophomore at OHHS. His hobby is dancing. He has been dancing ever since he was a small kid, and he loves it.

Zane says, “I love to dance because I am a very energetic and hyper person, dancing is fun and it is a way for me to let out some of my energy”. His favorite part of dancing is learning new songs and creating new dances. He is not on a dance team, he just dances in his free time. 

Zane Courtney | TikTok

Click to see a video of Zane dancing!

Samantha Carrillo is a sophomore on the junior varsity cheer team. She has been cheering at OHHS for almost a year now, and she is very passionate about cheer. She does stunts and she thinks it is a fun after school activity.

Samantha says “I love cheer because it is a creative outlet for me, and I’ve made many friends in cheer so far”.

Her favorite part about cheer is the football games that she gets to cheer at. 

Samantha Carrillo is pictured in her cheer uniform cheering for the football team.

Sophia Garcia is also a sophomore at OHHS, and she is a violin player. She began to play the violin in the third grade, so nearly seven years now.

Sophia says, “I am passionate about playing the violin because it’s like a beautiful language that can only be spoken through my violin”.

Her biggest achievement so far is making the county honor orchestra three years in a row, which is very tough. Sophia is an amazing violin player, but there is something that makes her different. Sophia was born with a rare congenital defect, and it affects her right arm and hand. Sophia was also diagnosed with carpal tunnel at a very young age. What this means is that her entire right hand and arm are extremely enlarged, which makes many things in her life very difficult. She has been in and out of doctors her entire life, but there is no cure. The only thing that helps her is physical therapy and exercises for her arm. Because of the carpal tunnel, Sophia may be paralyzed in her right arm in the future. She has slowly trained herself to use her left hand more and more. Despite this hardship in her life, Sophia is an amazing violin player, and she never gave up on her dreams. 

Sophia is pictured with her violin.

Every student at OHHS is unique, especially when it comes to their hobbies. If you would like more information on this students, be sure to find them in our OHHS clubs, band, and cheer.

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