Renovation on the OHHS Library

Construction Of a New Room

As many students may already know, there is a huge white tarp up in the library at Oak Hills High School. Many rumors have been passed around about this mysterious tarp and what is behind it. Currently, the tarp covers a large part of the library, towards the back. The truth is, they are building a new room.

According to Tracy Huson, a library media clerk, “The space used to be a computer lab, but that is no longer needed because of the use of Chromebooks”. 

She explained that the tarp is covering the construction of a new room. This room will be used for the Early College Academy, and will also be used for private meetings. There will be no huge changes to the library just yet, but in the future, much more space will be added on. There is nothing mysterious behind the tarp, but a new room will soon be finished at the convenience of many at OHHS. 

Miranda Klein
The back of the library covered with a large white tarp.

For more questions on the library, email Mr. Capps, the OHHS principal, at [email protected].

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