Ricky Brabec Winning Dakar Rally

Hesperia Native Making a Name for Himself


Rally Zone

Ricky Brabec at the finish line for his Dakar Rally win. Ricky is holding his helmet in joy.

28-year-old Hesperia native Ricky Brabec has made a name for himself by winning the 2020 Dakar rally in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ricky is the first American to win the race on a bike. He achieved this amazing accomplishment with the help of the Honda race team.

The Dakar race is a 12 stage race usually but a stage was canceled due to an unfortunate event of a rider passing away. Ricky completed the 11 stages in 40 hours 2 minutes and 36 seconds which was 17 minutes and 34 seconds ahead of runner up. The total race was roughly around 4,900 miles with 3,100 miles of the special stage. This puts him doing about 49 miles and hour.

Ricky grew up riding dirt bikes in the desert and anywhere else he could put tires on a road and it sure has paid off. Congratulations to Ricky Brabec and the Honda team.

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