What to Expect If You Join Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism at OHHS


Broadcast Journalism students filming a video in the green screen room.

There are many fun and exciting electives at Oak Hills High School, one of them being Broadcast Journalism. It is an exciting class with video and editing skills that you can learn while being in the classroom. The class has been here for a short while but it is growing by the year. Last year there was only one class with about twenty students and now it has practically tripled that and it has become an elective with three periods, so in all broadcast journalism has a total of almost seventy students. The class even does a film festival, they are one out of three classes who get to enter and send videos to our Principal, Michael Capps, and he gets to choose five videos out of all to send to the festival. The students are eager to showcase some of the skills they have learned. 

For Jesse Maust, Broadcast Journalism & Expository English teacher at OHHS, says he enjoys Broadcast Journalism due to having “the ability to do something new every day” and to do videos on “a mix of ideas”.

Broadcast journalism students working in groups to edit their videos.

 The class as a whole creates videos, in the class, they get the privilege of doing the announcements for the school and create videos for the dances. They post to their youtube channel which is very convenient for OHHS students. The students enjoy being in the class because it’s something different and it is overall a fun class. Some students even joined with wanting to learn more about video editing because they want to pursue video making in some sort of way when they are older. There are many different roles in the class, some can do editing, filming, or simply being in a video. 

For senior Michelle Hernandez, filming is her favorite part and for senior Kolten Saucerman-Ent his favorite part is the fact that he gets “to be part of a team and gets to learn new skills”. 

There is something for everyone, students should become part of the class to improve their video skills or just overall if they want to enjoy making videos and gain friendships in the class. 

If you would like to join Broadcast Journalism and learn further information you can speak to Jesse Maust in his classroom at lunch in room E-2 or contact him via email at [email protected].

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