Anime and the Opinions People Have On Them



drawn by Seriah Camacho

This is a picture done by my sister Seriah Camacho. In this picture, she drew Goku, from Dragon Ball. Goku is the man with spiky black hair, and an orange training uniform. She also drew Meliodas and Hawk, from The Seven Deadly Sins. Hawk is the pig, and Meliodas is the boy standing next to Hawk. He is wearing a white shirt, a black vest, a red tie, and some cut-off white pants. also in the picture is Pikachu and Cyndaquil from Pokemon. in the background, there is a wolf on a ledge howling, and a dragon from Spirited Away flying in front of the moon.

Many people love to watch anime as an everyday activity. Ōten Shimokawa, Jun’ichi Kōuchi and Seitaro Kitayama are from the first generation of anime. Some people refer to them as, “The fathers of anime”. Anime is a shortened term for animation. Anime is Japanese hand-drawn or computer made cartoons. Anime has amazing graphics, vibrant colors, and fantastical themes. It was created in 1917. The reason anime is so popular is that it can actually grow with its watchers. People who like anime can watch it throughout their lives and there are so many different genres.

Mikaela Blake is a student at Oak Hills High School. Mikaela first started watching anime when she was 8 years old, and Spirited Away was the first anime she watched, which still is her favorite. Hayao Miyazaki is the creator of Spirited Away. when asked what her reaction to Spirited Away was, she replied, “I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I enjoyed it”. When asked if anime-inspired her in any way, she replied, ” Watching this anime-inspired me to draw anime”.

Seriah Camacho is a former OHHS student. She attended the school from 2013 – 2015. She started watching anime at the age of 3. The first anime she had ever watched was an anime called Wolf’s Rain, which was created in 2003 by Keiko Nobumoto. Today her favorite anime is called Seven Deadly Sins, which is created in 2014 by Nakaba Suzuki.


When asked why she watches anime, she answered, “Because with each show there is more excitement and different animation, so it always keeps you on your toes”.


Tylor Archer is also a former OHHS student. He attended the school 2012- 2015. He has been watching anime since before he could remember. He has been watching it for over 20 years. The first anime he watched was Dragon Ball, which still ranks as his favorite. Dragon Ball was created in 1986. Akira Toriyama is the creator of anime. When asked why he continues watching anime, he answered, “because it’s interesting and it inspires me to be a better person.”

To this day, anime is still being produced, some that are even Japanese exclusive. The art style and idea has even spread beyond Japan. New animes are even being created here in the U.S. and even children’s shows with that art style, Avatar the Last Airbender being one of the most known. And there are many more people with many more opinions. Since anime has first come out till today, the art has improved as well as the technology to make it. In the future, anime could become even more popular than reality TV.

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