Best Coffee In The High Desert

Research showing the best coffee in the high desert.

Starbucks cold and hot coffee caramel flavors from MATCHA

What truly qualifies as the best coffee? Each and every one of us have different likes and tastes. If we go by trends we can find the most favored coffee in the high desert by popular demand.

So far in the running since 2017 is Starbucks. They managed to open three locations in the span of three weeks in 2017 when they first opened in the high desert. Starbucks has been known and loved for being able to cater to picky coffee drinkers. Costumers have also been known to love hunting down the newest drink on the “secret ” menu which was found out by Huffpost to not be a secret menu at all.

The drinks you order from the menu is just the same as most of the drinks on the regular menu but with a fancier name and some added ingredients. If you don’t know what they added to that drink to make it different it doesn’t matter if it’s from the secret menu. The barista won’t be able to make it for you. Some of the special drinks that are ordered the barista might refuse to make it, due to it being something they aren’t allowed to do, such as blending a brownie. The most ordered coffee on the Starbucks menu is the vanilla latte as stated by on the table.

The vanilla latte is a healthier option as well. Compared to most other coffees on the menu, all you need to do is just add sugar-free vanilla syrup. If you like coffee that is a bit more on the healthier side you might like the skinny or skim coffees offered in every Starbucks. They even have a skinny vanilla latte.

More Information about the healthier options of Starbucks can be found on goodhousekeeping. About 40% of the population that enjoys Starbucks is 18 to 24. According to research from Millennial Marketing, Starbucks has managed to go digital which attracts most of its millennial costumers. Unlike most of its competitors that are behind in the game. Starbucks also provides rewards for loyal costumers such as free music for two weeks on Spotify. It’s only expected that the most popular coffee in the high desert and in general would be keeping up with the times.

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