Michael Miller & Isaiah Hyder: The bulldogs with Mamba Mentality

The Oak Hills High School 2019-20 star basketball players!


Anyah Hyder

In this photo, Michael Miller is posing for his article on being on the basketball team. He is a sophomore on varsity and is in the starting five.

 Michael Miller, also known as Mikey, lives with his mother who has a huge part in pushing him to strive to be the best. Michael’s love for the sport began when he started playing at eleven years old.

“When I started playing for the first time, I loved the feeling of being on the court where nothing else mattered”.

In a way, basketball took the worries that he had in life, such as school and his home life, away. Now as a sophomore in high school, his love for the game has only grown stronger. He works on his all-around game, such as ball-handling, shooting, and conditioning every day of the week. He puts in so much work that he now has colleges such as Azusa pacific and more looking at him. When Michael found out about the colleges looking at him, he felt excited and happy, but also motivated to get more and better colleges to look at him. Sophomore and starting shooting guard on the varsity boys basketball team, Semaj Blocker, explains that playing with Michael is good because Michael is a team player, knows when to look for teammates on the court, puts his team in a good position to score, and always pushes him teammates to go hard in practice. Semaj also calls himself and Michael the “best duo in the High Desert” and they both look forward to beating Hesperia High Schools basketball team and winning league, along with CIF and achieving a ring. With the help of Michael dominating and helping his team out, these goals do not seem to hard to get.

The starting point guard, senior, Isaiah Hyder, also is a big factor on the Oak Hills High School 2019-20 basketball team. With the inspiration of his grandfather, Greg Hyder, being the first person out of the San Bernardino County to be drafted into the NBA, Isaiah aspires to be the best. Isaiah first started playing basketball when he was about eight years old and has loved it ever since. He has played on many different teams throughout then and now such as NJB, EBA, and of course his school teams.

“Playing with so many different people from around California has helped me develop my game and showed me that I have to work hard because a lot of people want it as bad as I do”. 

Anyah Hyder
In this photo, Isaiah Hyder is also posing for a picture for an article on basketball. He is the starting point guard on the varsity team.

Isaiah explains that he is different from the rest because he shows how bad he wants it on and off the basketball court. Along with practicing with his team every day of the week for school, he also trains with a personal trainer weekly and works on ball handling, his form while shooting the ball, conditioning, and defense. By seeking outside help Isaiah says that his game “has gotten way better and is continuing to get better.” Besides having “mamba mentality” on the court, off of the court Isaiah has near a 4.0 GPA and is excelling in academics. He explains that you can be the best basketball player and you will not get anywhere if you are not doing well academically. 

With these two star players on the Oak Hills High School basketball team, there is no telling how far the team is going to go this year. We hope to see them winning MRL and achieving that ring that they fantasize about. 

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