Students Sleeping in Class


Anyah Hyder

Sleeping in class can land you in ALC. Sleeping in ALC is also not allowed.

Lesther Quiroz is a freshman here at Oak Hills High School and Lesther is one of the many students sleeping in class and on an average of two times a week he sleeps in class. He never really plans to sleep at school the reason why he falls asleep at school is due to the lack of sleep and also a terrible sleep schedule. On average he goes to sleep around 9 o’clock and wakes up at 3 am the reason why he wakes up so early was that he was a really heavy sleeper and would set his alarm form 3 to 7 so he could wake up for school. 

The classes he really likes to sleep in are freshman focus 2nd period and math 5th period and why he falls asleep in freshman focus is because he really never has work to do. He falls asleep in math because he either has already done the work or he goes to sleep when there doing notes and he’ll get the notes from someone else.

Usually, parents will know if their kids sleep in class but his parents don’t, but if they did they would interest him on why he fell asleep in class. All his freshman focus teacher told him it wasn’t napping class, and in math, his teacher never sees him sleeping.

Some things that Lesther could do to improve his sleep schedule, “I can go to sleep earlier and wake up later. And I will not drink coffee because I do not like it”.

“I don’t feel guilty for performing this action due to the fact my lack of sleep is not on me rather, the work I am bombarded with.”

He doesn’t really contribute to anything to fall asleep “sometimes I have my air pods in and then I knock out”.

Chelsea Parker an English II teacher will sometimes have a student that is asleep and she will have the whole Class clap at once to scare the student. 

Parker just thinks they don’t get enough sleep, she doesn’t get mad or anything but she is considerate, “It’s their grade but obviously I can’t make them do their work but it’s usually one or two students that do it”.

Parker’s advice for kids that fall asleep in class, “Go to bed earlier and stop looking at your device so you can go to sleep”.

Samuel Orozco a Sophomore at Oak Hills High School does sleep in class, he sleeps every day in his 4th-period history and 6th-period English. He never plans to sleep in class it just really happens. Under his circumstances of him falling asleep “I sleep in class when it is really boring or when I go to sleep late”.

The way that Samuel can stay awake  “I can drink a monster and last time it actually worked.” But he can’t always afford them because they get expensive at times.

Samuel does feel guilty because I don’t pay attention to my teachers. Because he feels like he’s not giving them enough of his time.

How he goes to sleep in class he will play games on his phone and text people, “I will usually play a game and then go to sleep and text my friends”.

The reason students should not fall asleep in class is that you can get in trouble and if you are a student that sleeps all the time in class your grade can go down because you are not paying attention in class and you won’t understand what they are talking about in class. I have observed people in classes that fall asleep in class and they have failing grades with F’s and D’s and our almost being sent to other schools.

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