Dog Parent Jennifer Rooney Speaks about Diesel the Bulldog

Jennifer Rooney and her English Bulldog, Diesel.


Jennifer Rooney

Picture of Diesel's face with books and a lamp in the background.

The new paw print logo for Oak Hills High School is based on the paw outline of an actual English Bulldog who belongs to Jennifer Rooney, the Guidance Counseling Assistant. She has been working for Oak Hills High School for four years now and her pet Bulldog has become well known around campus. His name is Diesel and was adopted by Rooney when he was two years old. Rooney describes Diesel as a goofy and happy bulldog.

“One of the many things I love about Diesel is no matter the kind of day I have I know I get to go home and see him, he always makes me laugh, and he makes my life better.” comments Jennifer Rooney.

Rooney refers to Diesel as her baby and believes all pets should be treated like family. She mentioned from previous experience that English Bulldogs, in particular, suffer from certain health issues and require special care. Some of these health issues include allergies and hip problems. Rooney also gave some of the responsibilities involved with taking care of Diesel. This includes having to wipe his wrinkles on a daily bases, keeping him on a special limited ingredient diet because of his allergies, and daily eye drops (dry eyes is a common condition for English Bulldogs). 

In addition, Rooney expressed that Diesel is great at interacting with other dogs and people. As well, as comfortable and calm in any situation.

“Diesel loves other dogs, and all people, I can go anywhere with him–He loves attention and gets a lot of it wherever we go,” Jennifer Rooney speaks about Diesel.

As a result of Diesel’s cool and collected personality and because his breed is the mascot of Oak Hills High School, Rooney was asked to bring him to the homecoming football game for the 2017-2018 school year. Where during half time, Diesel, Jennifer Rooney, and Michael Capps our Principal were driven in a golf cart before the floats. From that moment on it has become a tradition here at Oak Hills High School. This year 2019 homecoming football game was Diesel’s third time attending. 

Valerie Miranda
Image of the paw print logo based on Diesel’s actual paw, created by Chris Hernandez.

In regards to the new paw print logo, Rooney explained that Matthew Johnson our Assistant Principal proposed that the Oak Hills High School logo should have a more realistic look. Soon after Diesel’s Paws were stamped onto an ink pad, placed on sheets of paper, and later used by Chris Hernandez to create the new logo. If you are interested, you can learn more information about the new logo by reading the following article, The New Bulldog Logos For Oak Hills High School.

If you have further questions you can contact Jennifer Rooney @ [email protected] or visit her in the counselor’s office. Also, feel free to follow Diesel’s Instagram account @dieselthecaliforniabulldog.

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