Sunland Ford Visits the Autotech Class at Oak Hills High School

Members who work for Ford come talk to Oak Hills High School Auto Tech Class


Kailee Figaro

Ford members who came out to speak to the Oak Hills Auto Department. Wes Canifiled, Alex Israel, Ashley Israel, Joseph Bahna Jr. The 5 including our Auto teacher are posing with the Ford decal that the Auto department was gifted by Ford.

The Sunland Ford brought three brand new cars and the kids were able to get a taste of how the auto department was out of this environment.

The Auto Tech class got to experience something great. They all got the chance to talk to some members of Ford, including Joseph Bahna Jr. who is the Regional Technical Talent Placement Specialist. As well as Alex Israel(Service and Parts Director), Wes Canfield (General Sales Manage) from Sunland Ford, and Ashely Israel Business Development Manager.

Them coming out to join the students at OHHS gave auto students the chance to learn what they have to offer and to help prepare them in the future for what having a career in cars could be like. They explained how as of recently it is getting harder and harder to find a technician mainly because the youth is getting used to getting information quickly and when they have to work for something they easily drop it, but youth also has advantages such as having quick access and they know how to solve problems. The Ford workers also explained how their company and environment are similar to a family business.

When asked about this program Joseph Bahna expresses how he feels, “ [it is] very important to get the community involved that my kids grew up in. I want to see kids in this community work in this community, like to see the start where the young teach the young”. 

When Senior student Dakota Appelhof was asked what this means to him to have the Ford worker come out he stated, “this is a place to learn and know how to work on cars” which is exactly what the Ford workers wanted for the students. 

Junior student, Hunter Miller said,” it means a lot to because these people take time out of their day and their busy work lives to show us the happiness of what they do and to push us forward”.

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