Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks

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First time at Dallas Maverick media day.

There is an upcoming colossal match-up on the NBA schedule. This basketball game will be one of the most interesting games in the month of November, because Kristaps Porzingis will make his return to the Madison Square Garden in New York as a member of the Dallas Mavericks. He was traded to the Dallas Mavericks on January 31st and it must be pointed out why his return to New York is such a big deal.

On June 25th, 2015 the New York Knicks had the fourth pick in the NBA draft and no one had an idea that they would draft the 7’3 PF/C from Latvia; but when they called his name it was not cheers and joy, but rather boos from the Knicks fans because they did not want to draft a player from overseas that may never turn in to a superstar. As time went on, he started to prove his worth to the team and the fans started to respect him. In his first year, he averaged 14.3 points, 7.3 rebounds, and  1.9 blocks according to his NBA stats. As a rookie, that’s not that bad of numbers, especially for the expectations they had for him. But it would only get better from there. In his second year, he would now average 18.1 points, 7.2 rebounds and 2 blocks a game. And his third season would be his breakout season now scoring 22.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks.

February 6th, 2018 was the night the Kristaps night would change as being a New York Knick. The Milwaukee Bucks came to New York to play the New York Knicks, and at the time we all knew that the Knicks were not going to make the playoffs as they only had twenty-three wins and thirty one loses (23-31). It was still a very close game in the second quarter as the Knicks were down 30 to 29 with 8:55 left in the quarter Kristaps Porzingis went up for a dunk and went he came down he fell awkwardly on his left knee. At the time, no one knew what had happened; but it was very bad from the looks Kristaps gave in pain you knew it wasn’t good. Later, we would find out that he tore his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in his left knee which would end his season with the Knicks on 6 more wins. The following 2018-2019 season, Kristaps would sit out for the rest of the season. 

On January 31st, 2019, the New York Knicks would trade Kristaps in a major package according to the NBA.com “The Knicks receive Dennis Smith Jr., DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Matthews, and two future first-round draft picks from the Mavericks in the deal. Courtney Lee, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Trey Burke are headed to Dallas as the Knicks look to create cap space for free agency this summer.”

But the one really good part is that another foreign player, LukaDončić, who plays for Dallas Mavericks. He was the third pick in the 2018 NBA draft and both Luka and Kristaps have outstanding chemistry. The player (commonly referred to as the kid) is really special in his first year, as he won rookie of the year. What really makes this special is that years ago when one of the best point guards of the era, Steve Nash who is a two time MVP, and Dirk Nowitzki, played on the mavericks, they were one of the best duos, but they could never win a ring. Luka and Kristaps are still very young and are barely in their first years, and they have a chance to get to the finals if they play with each other throughout their prime.

But as of right now, Luka and Kristaps are playing very well. The Knicks will play Dallas on November 8th, and on November 14th, Dallas will head to New York where Kristaps will play for his time there since being traded. My prediction for the game is that Kristaps will go off for 30 points and the Mavericks will win 114 to 98. The reasoning behind Dallas winning is because the Knicks don’t have much besides the future all-star Julius Randle and the rookie from Duke, RJ Barrett. The key factor for the Knicks to win will be to play smart, shoot extremely well from the 3-point line and can somehow stop Porzingis from having a dominant game.

This game will really not affect me anyway since I am not a fan of any of these teams, but for the Knicks, this will be a very big deal for them since this will be the first time he returns without a Knicks jersey on. I believe that when Kristaps gets his named called during the beginning of the game they should have should give him a standing ovation. And during a time out, they should have a tribute for him even if his time was short there because when they really knew what he was about, they would cheer every time he would score. Knowing that he is gone, I don’t think people really didn’t appreciate his time. People were not thinking that he would be gone so soon.

In this video, Kristaps talks about a lot about his ACL injury and being traded during the rehab process and playing with his new teammate Luka Dončić.