The Sweetest Peaches in Oak Hills: Decker Peaches

Locally Grown, Handpicked Peaches and Homemade Goods


Valerie Miranda

Kenneth Decker sitting at a bench, surrounded by tables displaying his products.

Supporting local businesses offer a multitude of benefits. They help build stronger and unique communities (Why You Need to Support Small Businesses) and in most cases offer chemical-free and organic products. An example of this would be a business by the name of “Decker Peaches”, which was established by Kenneth Decker in 2003 here in Oak Hills, California.

Decker is a retired truck driver (drove for 46 years) who has also dedicated 16 years of his life to selling peaches and other delicious goods. All the products he offers are handpicked and homemade. He has several rows of peach trees lined up in his backyard. The trees produce fruit once a year. Once the peaches are ready Kenneth, his wife and occasionally other family members hand-pick the fruit from the trees. Various signs are posted by his house announcing his business, including a very prominent sign of a giant peach that can be viewed by anyone passing on Ranchero Road.

Since Decker is also as an animal lover, anyone who drives by to purchase some of his products is welcomed by his rescues. To many of his clients, he is known by Ken and has been living in the High Desert for 35 years and specifically in the city of Oak Hills for 20 years.

He mentions that his peaches take about seven months to grow and ripen, “these are the sweetest peaches you have ever had, they are a seven-month grower, they blossom the first of March and do not ripen until October.” He also comments that the peaches are freestone and organic.

Valerie Miranda
Glass bowl of peaches on a table bought from “Decker Peaches”

Decker has been baking since the age of six and freestone peaches are known for their firm texture. This makes them ideal for baking purposes. Other than peaches, he sells a variety of goods which include peach salsa, peach jam, peach chutney, peach muffins, peach pies, and barbecue sauce.

A woman by the name of Cyndi complimented Decker’s muffins, “super delicious, full of love and flavor.”

Decker also gave a few tips to people who prefer a more juicy or crunchy peach. For a juicier peach, he recommends placing the fruit in a brown bag, allowing it to further ripen. On the other hand, if someone prefers a harder texture he suggests to keep the peaches in the fridge.

If you are interested in supporting this local business feel free to visit “Decker Peaches” at the following address 13554 Ranchero Road, Oak Hills, California 92344 or call at (909) 519-4018.

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