Varsity Volleyball Player Keilana Gardner

Get to know Senior Keilana Gardner


Keilana Gardner in her volleyball uniform

Keilana Gardner is a Varsity volleyball player who plays for the Oak Hills High School team. She is jersey number three on the court. Not only is she involved in volleyball in school, but she is also involved in a club volleyball team outside of school called Rancho volleyball club where she is number forty-two on the court. Keilana Gardner is a current senior here at Oak Hills where she has continued to play her favorite sport volleyball her four years of high school. Volleyball has become Keilana’s passion because she can just be herself on the court with no judgments to her own person.

“Having someplace to just do me, I don’t have to please anyone but me,” comments senior Keilana Gardner. 

Keilana first played soccer, but then quit and realize she preferred volleyball better. She chose to play volleyball because the sport was more fascinating to herself. The positions she plays for volleyball are outside, commonly referred to as Defense Specialist (DS), and right side. Her favorite thing about playing is that she has the ability to do something for herself and not what anyone else wants. Her favorite game or moment that she has had on the court these last six years was last season during her club season where she really enjoyed herself. 

“Last season during club I had an amazing team, It just felt good to be playing,” states senior Keilana Gardner.

Volleyball may seem hard and competitive for some people. But for Keilana, it comes easy. Practices for Keilana are simple for her but requires her to have patience while she is doing them. Without having patience, practice procedures can be more difficult. Before and after her games, she feels energized and pumped to be able to play. 

Keilana Gardner also sees volleyball as a hard challenge for her even though she is passionate about it. The hardest challenge for her personally during volleyball is self- motivation for her personally. Without having motivation, it can be hard to play. Since it is Keilana’s last year playing volleyball in a high school varsity team she still wants to continue to play after high school, but it is not her main goal. She has other plans she wants to pursue in her life. Even though she might not play she still wants to incorporate volleyball in her life by either coaching, training, and just being able to have her favorite sport. She still wants volleyball to be apart of her life. 


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