Mario Kart Tour Review
A photo of Mario and his friends driving on Earth for an ad. This ad is for Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour is a series of go-kart-styled racing developed by Nintendo and was released on September 25, 2019. The first-ever Mario Kart was released on August 27, 1992. Mario Kart Tour has blown up with over 90 million downloads and has been Nintendo’s biggest mobile hit to date. The game has a different variety of characters and maps, as the characters each have their special ability to use in-game. Each map has different obstacles to pass through and some characters have weaknesses in different maps. After completing every race the higher the score means the more stars obtained for that map. The stars help unlock new levels and more rewards for the duration being until the next big update. Players can also unlock stars and maps by doing challenges that require them to perform tricks or complete tasks during a race. Overall the game is doing great with minor bugs and big problems that have been said by multiple websites and players.

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Luigi, a main character in the Mario and Mario Kart franchise, is riding his vehicle and posing to represent Mario Kart.

The first problem is that Luigi is not in the game. As seen on every other Mario Kart, Luigi is one of the main characters in the Mario Kart series. We are hoping to see Luigi in the next big update. The second problem is that players are required to pay with actual money to play as Mario in the game. This is a problem for players because the game revolves around Mario and it’s unfair to Mario Kart fans. The third problem is the offline capability. This being that players require access to the internet to play Mario Kart Tour. There should be an option where players can play offline since there is no actual online gameplay. Multiplayer has not even been imputed into the game, so why require players to have access to the internet? Mario Kart fans are hoping to see multiplayer gameplay in the next big update.
In this photo, Mario is driving in Tokyo for the new update taking place in Japan. With a Japanese Tower and Tokyo Tower present in the photo, the map resembles the beauty of Japan but in a cartoonish way.

Previously, the game was set in New York City. In the recent update, the game has moved onto Japan, Tokyo. Many new maps are set around Japan and they’ve even added their famous map “The Rainbow Road”. Also in the recent update, they have added 15 new characters to the game including Mario (Hakama), an exclusive character designed specifically for the new map theme Japan. There were also new challenges, rewards, and a new tier added to the game with this recent update. After completing the challenges, players are rewarded with golden stars that allow players to advance to the next level (map) or receive get gems that can be spent to open pipes or do a coin rush. With daily rewards, players can be given to almost anything in the game. The tier is a weekly challenge where players challenge other players and try to come in first place in the leaderboard where they can be granted rewards the higher they place in the leaderboard. The game functions are great with many options on how players can control their kart while in-game. So far the game has been given great reviews like in google play the rating is 4.3/5. The game has had a great start and hopes to see better results in the future. If interested, go check out Mario Kart Tour, available for iPhone and Android users. 

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