The New Bulldog Logos For Oak Hills High School

A Closer Look at Chris Hernandez's Take on Our Bulldog Logo

Michelle Alvarado
Chris Hernandez also known as Mr. Hernandez, the graphic designer and illustrator who revised the OHHS logos.

Oak Hills High School is well-known for its bulldog mascot and logo. At the end of last school year, our assistant principal, Mr. Matt Johnson, and the school admin secretary, Trish Edwards, requested a change to our school’s logo. They went to Chris Hernandez, illustrator, graphic designer, and a frequent substitute teacher here at OHHS who happily agreed and started his work.

“I wanted to keep the spirit of our Bulldog and not deviate too much from what everyone was used to,” says Hernandez.

To begin with,  Hernandez had the help of one of the guidance counselor assistants, Jennifer Rooney, and her bulldog Diesel and the OHHS logo of that time.

It was a process that took about 2 weeks. With a background in animation, this was a fun challenge for Hernandez. He started by completing a few rough sketches to figure out what his take would be on the logo. He did not completely change the new logo, but rather just turned it so you could see a different view of it–in this case, the front.

“If you put the side view up to the new front view, you’ll notice that everything lines up. eye placement, ears, teeth etc,” he says. sent in by Chris Hernandez
OHHS Bulldog and paw print logo revisions in red, white, and black.

At each step of the way, he would consult with OHHS staff members, including Trish Edwards, to make sure that what he was creating just what they wanted.

Hernandez speaks on his opinion towards giving the logo a new look, “I didn’t see a need to completely revamp him just give him a different take. My whole philosophy on design is that I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, just put a different rim on it! If it’s been working since 2009 then all I would want to do is compliment what was already there.” With that being said, the one part that he did change in our logo was the paw print itself.

To create the paw print, he used the underside of Jennifer Rooney’s dog, Diesel’s, paw. This means that the paw print logo for Oak is actually the paw print of Diesel.

“I was very honored to have been asked to create this piece for the staff and students at Oak. I consider Oak my family and wanted to make sure this logo would be loved and respected by everyone. It’s even more special when the students know that their favorite guest teacher created it. It gives them something more to be proud of,” Hernandez added.

BARC Poster for OHHS

Michelle Alvarado
The OHHS BARC poster with the new Bulldog logo and paw print logo designed by Chris Hernandez.

Hernandez’s new designs are shown in all the classrooms on the BARC posters created by Teresa Rico, the Assistant Principal of Discipline Secretary. BARC stands for behavior, academics, readiness, and community. If you go to the OHHS website, you will automatically see it on the homepage. The new paw print is also on the new hall passes and on the wall inside of the gym. You can find the new logo mostly everywhere on the school’s campus.

For more information on Hernandez’s graphic designs, you can visit his website here

[CORRECTION: The original article stated that the BARC poster was created by Sandy Glick, our digital design teacher, but it was designed by Assistant Principal of Discipline Secretary Teresa Rico]

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