New Bill Passed for Pushback Time

Governor passed the new bill for schools to start later in all of California

  According to, on Sunday, October 13th, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that middle schools and high schools could no longer start earlier than 8 am. Middle schools will start no earlier than 8 am, and high schools will start no earlier than 8:30 am. The law goes into full effect on July 1st, 2021. The reason for this pushback is to give students more time to sleep during the school week. 

Sleep is important for your overall health. It is recommended for teens to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night especially since getting a good rest comes with benefits both physical and mental health. According to, it helps you stay awake and do better in school since you are paying attention. It also helps reduce stress levels and improves your mood. Now, you will not be so grouchy when you are talking to people. A big benefit of going to school later is that it decreases your chance of getting diseases like heart disease.

Although there are some benefits to starting school later since it is assumed that the kids and teenagers will be able to get more sleep there is also some downsides.

According to here are some non-benefits of oversleeping.

Depression: “Oversleeping is considered a potential symptom of depression. While many people with depression report insomnia, about 15% tend to oversleep.”

Depression: “People with long sleep durations are also more likely to have persistent depression or anxiety symptoms compared to normal sleepers.”

Increased pain: “Oversleeping is also linked with higher rates of headaches. Referred to as a “weekend headache,” sleeping in may trigger migraines and tension headaches.”

Weight gain: “Short and long sleepers both gained more weight than normal sleepers over the six-year period (1.98 kg and 1.58 kg), and were more likely to experience a significant weight gain.”

According to a staff member and teacher here at OHHS, Rocky Comberiati there is definitely some negative in this new bill that is being passed, “Research shows that their grades will go up and their GPA. It hurts them when they are in sports because they do not have enough time to do their work since they will have to get out later. Parents have a difficult time getting to school and then going to work, it also hurts the busing since we cannot afford enough buses for all the students if students start early”.

When speaking to the front office, more specifically the discipline area, Teresa Rico did not have the most positive outlook towards this situation either. She proceeded to state the following, “Wednesday, is our late start day and it is the day where we actually receive the most tardies so I do not believe that there will be a change in any of the expecting issues”.

This is going to be a huge change for athletic students in high school and middle school as it is expected to affect their schedules greatly. Most student-athletes are done with practice before the sun is down and if school is going to start later, then students will be getting out of their practices after the sun is down which means more lighting for the fields may need to be added.

Genevieve Johnston, assistant principal of discipline, states her opinion on the topic and whether or not she agrees with it, “I do from an academic standpoint. Do not from an athletic standpoint. Kids need their sleep but at the same time, they’re preparing us for after high school. Jobs still won’t start later. A discussion among the district was actually discussing having an early leave like elementary schools. As far as Wednesday’s go they were already discussing having an early leave instead due to the amount of tardies on Wednesdays”.

This is a huge change for the community around us and many people will be affected by this new bill for school to start later. This new bill was, of course, passed with hopes that the students will benefit from a chance to get more sleep and be able to focus on school more. So since the change is now expected to happen there will definitely be adjustments made to everyone’s personal schedules.

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