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Governor Gavin Newsom talks about the future of Community College

California Offers Free Tuition for the First Two Years of Community College

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed that the California budget should provide free tuition for the first two years of community college by expanding the California Promise Program, which was established through the California Senate Bill 412 (Bill 412). The proposal was approved over the summer of 2019, and Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation during June of this year. The 2019-2020 California state budget will include 42.6 million dollars to support roughly around 33,000 students. Eligible students must be first-time students who attend community college full-time (As California Students Return to School, Governor Newsome Highlights New State Investments to Make Two Years of Community College Tuition-Free).

Governor Newsom explained that, “This is a real help for students trying to improve their lives and build their future” and details how paying for community college classes can lift a huge weight off the shoulders of many students and families.

Governor Newsom also stated, “No one can argue with the fact that the full cost of attending institutions of higher learning is still far too high — both in California and across the country.”

California Will Pay 2 Years Of Community College Tuition For First-Time Students | CBS Los Angeles | Youtube

Not only will this help students financially but it will also encourage many high school graduates to want to attend community college if they previously were not able to afford it. With students competing to get the classes they require, vice-chancellor in government relations for California’s community colleges recommends students to go visit to apply for the classes they need ahead of time and to get additional financial aid (see the Youtube video below). This is a great opportunity for many graduating high school students throughout the state of California, including students here at Oak Hills High School who are planning on attending community college.

New California budget includes 2 free years of community college | Youtube | KCRA News

Nikolas Mendoza, a senior at Oak Hills High School, agrees with the California Governor, ‚ÄúPeople can get a higher education and in result more higher up jobs.”

Governor Gavin Newsom has been visiting a variety of community colleges throughout the state of California to promote the option of free tuition that is now available to students. Applications for the California College Promise Grant are available on the website of the community college (in CA) of your choice. If you are interested in learning more about this subject feel free to click on the link below or visit your counselor for further questions.

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