Staff Who Are College Students


Allyson Pattten

Oak Hills High School school admin secretary Trish Edwards. Smiling in her chair in front of Mchael Capps office.

[Updated: October 14, 2019)

Oak Hills High School is a college determined school. The school offers such opportunities as AVID and visiting the career center. Such opportunities assist students in getting into college and shaping their future. Some of our own staff are currently in college with assistance from Oak Hills High School. Interviewing three of our own staff, we will take a peek at how their schedules are like and how they handle schooling with a job.

Patricia Riddle is an Instructional Aide here at Oak Hills High School, assisting our Special Education students with life skills. She attends National University, an online school and is pursuing a history credential and special education.

She loves helping the special education, “They’re good. There are so many types of personalities, they’re fun.”

Riddle plans on staying at Oak Hills High School after she finishes her degree in special education.

Nate Stokes, Jr. is a computer tech, or commonly referred to as the IT guy, Coach Stokes, or Nate. He is a college student online and in class. He currently attends VVC (Victor Valley College), he is mainly pursuing psychology. Stokes coached here at Oak Hills High School for 3 years for basketball and football. After he is finished with college, Stokes wants to be a school psychologist, he is open to staying at Oak Hills High School or any other school.

Allyson Patten
Oak Hills High School technology support specialist also known as the I.T. guys. On the right is Nathaniel Stokes Jr. and on the left is Jonathan Guyette. Smiling in front of the wall next to their room.

Finally, Trish Edwards, the principal’s secretary explains what she does, “I work with all budgets, ordering, hiring, help all other staff, and new employees.”

She is an online student at Grand Canyon University. She is working toward a business management degree and she has learned incredible time management skills with her position.  

“Persevere, never give up, don’t stop chasing your dream,” explains Trish Edwards, principal’s secretary.

Hardworking and relatable, our staff at Oak Hills High School are exceptional and cannot be taken for granted. Some new employees of OHHS are still in schooling and are taking advantage of what Oak Hills has to offer. The future is always bright when working with Oak Hills.

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