Precious Vasquez

The lunch staff arrive at 10 am and leave at 1 pm. During this time they prepare pizzas, burgers, etc. for the kids to have during lunch time.

Behind the Kitchen: The Oak Hills High School Lunch Workers

The Oak Hills High School Kitchen staff go through a daily process of preparing meals for the OHHS students

[UPDATED: October 14, 2019]

Many important staff members possess a role that is usually not acknowledged. Although it may not seem like it, the Oak Hills High School lunch ladies have a huge role that affects students. We spoke with the supervisor of the Oak Hills kitchen who has been working here for about ten years and got an inside look of how the kitchen works. Throughout the campus, there are about seventeen stations during lunch and two carts that serve food as well. These two carts provide snacks for students who prefer not to eat such a heavy meal. According to junior, Arath Baltazar, a lot of people do this so they can get a quick snack before going to class.

The meal preparation from the school’s kitchen staff for the Oak Hills High School students is a detailed. The meals are delivered to the school about three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On Friday they receive all of the frozen goods such as juices, milk, and meat. When these foods are delivered, the ladies unpack them and begin to load the food into the freezer which is about -18 degrees Celsius.

The following Monday, at about 11:00 A.M, they begin to unpack-age the items and produce and fill up containers of food such as cheese, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, and kiwis to pass out during lunchtime.  The ladies who work during lunchtime arrive in the kitchen at 10:00 A.M and leave at about 1:00 P.M. They allow the food to thaw the day before so that the food can be prepared in the morning. At about 10:00 A.M, they begin to cook the pizzas, chicken sandwiches, burgers, etc. Each one of the ladies in the kitchen is entitled to their job for about twelve weeks. They then switch their roles to be able to experience every position.

Precious Vasquez

Kathleen Lucas (Supervisor of the Oak Hills Kitchen), has been working here for all 10 years. She enjoys assisting the students and staff and hopes to continue her journey here at Oak Hills.

Before they leave, they begin to prepare the food for the next day so that the process is faster and only takes about 45 minutes to set up. The ladies who work outside then begin to fill up their carts with food and drinks and go to a set location where they begin serving the students. When serving the food, everything is placed in an accessible location so that the ladies can access it and serve students quickly.

According to sophomore, Carlos Gutierrez, “I like how quickly they serve me during lunch because I don’t have to stand in line and wait for a long time”.

When lunch was over, the ladies pack up their carts and head back to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen they put any leftover drinks back into the refrigerator and any leftover food and snacks into the cupboards and start preparing for the next day. The lunch ladies here at Oak Hills put in a lot of work so that the students can eat a proper meal and focus on their school work.

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