Why Students Drink Coffee

Students at Oak Hills HS participated in a survey and gave reasons for why they drink coffee.


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Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, it can be consumed iced or hot. Caffeine is found in coffee and is a stimulant for the body’s nervous system, causing your body to release catecholamines (adrenaline) through the sympathetic nervous system. This makes your heart beat faster, sends more blood to your muscles and signals your liver to release sugar into the bloodstream, causing your body to produce energy (Ask The Professor).

A cup of coffee is the first thing many people reach for in the mornings on a daily basis. As to why people drink it, other than the caffeine, there could be a multitude of reasons as to why people drink coffee. Possibly because of the health benefits, they find it addicting, or they simply enjoy the taste. 

A survey at Oak Hills High School was conducted, in which a total of 35 students were asked three questions related to why they drink coffee and their preferences.

The results showed that 80 percent of students do drink coffee, which is 28 out of the 35 students that I asked. 46 percent of the students drink coffee because they enjoy the taste, 28 percent because it boosts their energy and the remaining 26 percent said they drink coffee for both reasons. Of the 28 students who drink coffee, 78 percent preferred to make their own coffee at home, meanwhile, the remaining students preferred store-bought coffee. 

Considering the fact that school starts at 7:29 am, most students wake up at around 6 am or sometimes even earlier. Since students are awake so early in the morning, for many, coffee is a great way to help them get through the day. 

Possibly because it helps them stay awake and focused in class, or it gives them the energy to be in a good mood throughout the day at school.

Michelle Alvarado a senior here as OHHS said, “it keeps me awake while I’m doing work for my AP classes”.

Although as the survey showed some students do not like to drink coffee, for example, a Sophomore here at Oak Hills by the name of Kayleigh Salazar commented, “it makes me feel jittery and sick throughout the day”.

Overall the majority of students who participated in the survey consumed coffee because of the taste and energy it gives them. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts on why you drink coffee feel free to click the link below!

Why Do You Drink Coffee?

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