The making of leaders within the family, career, and among community leaders

Introducing the FCCLA Club

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[UPDATED: September 28, 2019]

The FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) is a free club at Oak Hills High School that meets on Wednesdays in room B-19. It is part of a national career and technical student organization that surrounds leadership skills and certain career preparation activities. During a typical meeting, the FCCLA club likes to talk about preparation for future competitions and events. They are currently coming up with ideas for fundraising. 

Not only does the FCCLA club meet here at Oak Hills High School, but they also participate in regional competitions. The FCCLA club goes to different competitions every year. They compete in many different categories that all surround food and consumer services such as culinary arts, fashion design, and sports nutrition. When it comes to competitions they first compete in regional, then state, then nationals. 

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The FCCLA club participates in many local events as well. This year they will be participating in Hesperia Clean-Up Day, Teens in the Driver’s Seat, and much more. 

The FCCLA club is actually an important club and Sarah Webber, Foods and Nutrition teacher and the advisor for the club, says that the FCCLA club gets you involved in the community, helps you with career preparation skills, public speaking skills, and team-building skills.

The FCCLA club also fundraises for their club. They fundraise for competitions, t-shirts, club banquets.

For more information about the FCCLA club visit the FCCLA website or visit classroom B-19 on Wednesdays.

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