Cross Country Athlete: Maximus Bartlebaugh

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Cross Country Athlete: Maximus Bartlebaugh

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Maximus Bartlebaugh is a junior here at Oak Hills high school, he is a cross country runner for the OHHS team. Max first got an interest for running when he was eleven years old in the fifth grade. He began getting an interest for running because when he was in school there was a club called the 100 mile club, which was when students had to run 100 miles in the year to be in the club, in his first year of running he had run for 301 miles in total and the following year he ran 438 miles, that was 147 more miles than the last year.

What made him get into running were his inspirations, “A lot of people inspired me because I was good at it. Once I started doing it I was really good at it because running clears my head”.

He had never really done much running before that but when he started running he was really good so he stuck with running and he built his work ethic over time, he set high goals for himself and that’s what helped him over time to become a better runner.

His first ever half marathon was at the Pomona holiday marathon, “I ran at Pomana holiday half marathon and I trained a lot before that”.

But when Max started to run at eleven he also did his first half marathon, he usually does 13.1 miles for his marathons his personal time (pr) is around one hour 41 minutes and 29 seconds when asking him where he would train he said, “Around my schools with my teacher and I ran with my principal, I had been training a lot before my first half marathon”.

A memory that he was doing a half marathon was when he did one at the beach, “When I did surf city in Huntington beach, my mom, my sister and some of my mom’s friends were there. It stands out to me because that’s where I was from that’s where I was born”.

Some things to know about him is that he is a very open person due to the fact that he likes to be very funny and talk. He has two siblings and he has been living in the high desert since he was six months old. Max also takes an interest in many other things like playing the drums and participating in a band.

“I started playing drums at two I was the only one who was good at  the drums my dad tried getting my other siblings to play but they didn’t have much interest my dad has been in a band since he was sixteen  and is still in one today, I’ve been in a band since I was 14. Our band name is The Deef Raduers. We all ran cross country and there are five us now but there all 18 and 20 most of them have graduated high school”.

According to OHHS Cross Country Coach Jacob Otto, “Max has a work ethic, he works harder than anyone and has been running since he was in the fifth grade”.

If you’re trying to learn more about Maximus Bartlebaugh you can find him at OHHS cross country meets.