The Wireless Takeover

Here at Oak Hills High School, we are accustomed to the internet around campus. People really enjoy staying connected but most would like to know how we are able to have the internet at all times. Here are the ways the OHHS wireless expansion is beneficial for us and our school. One of the IT Advisors, Jonathan Guyette, speaks on the expansion and when it was implemented. He said that they have been talking about the expansion for over a year now and they had just gotten an approval over the summer. The expansion was not for the school, it was primarily for the student’s convince to have internet wherever they go on campus.

We also reached out to the company that was helping with the expansion, Amnet was able to provide the necessary equipment to provide us with the internet for the whole school to use, Clint Southwick was able to give us details on how they were able to get the expansion going, “our part of the expansion is installing outdoor wireless antennas”. 

If you would like more information regarding the wireless expansion and have any questions, feel free to contact the IT Advisors here at OHHS or Amtech (


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