Oak Hills High School Volleyball host a 9/11 event

The OHHS girls' volleyball team hosts its 2nd annual 9/11 event.


Kailee Figaro

The 9/11 tribute at the volleyball Oak Hills High School game.

[UPDATED: September 28, 2019]

September 11, 2001, was a tragic day in United States history. A terrorist attack on New York and Washington D.C. cost the lives of nearly 3,000 people. This date is remembered around the country by many, including Oak Hills High School and their girls’ volleyball team.

Every year on September 11th, the Oak Hills HIgh School girls’ volleyball team hosts a ceremony honoring those who were lost and those who serve.

Holly Shae, from the freshman volleyball team, says “[The event was] a wonderful event for the people who serve our country.”

All heroes to the U.S. are honored on this day. 

Kailee Figaro
Our Varsity volleyball girls hold a flag while ROTC is hidden and they honor those that have fallen in 9/11.

The ceremony started with a moment of silence for those who are actively in the military or those who have served before. This moment of silence was to honor and respect the risks military service men and women have taken for their country. The varsity volleyball team then ran out to the court with flags on their backs, and then a larger flag was presented while the national anthem was sung. The national anthem was followed by songs, speeches, and words of appreciation. Many shared their story and what the girls’ volleyball 9-11 event meant to them. 

Kailee Figaro
Kei’ana Pascua, Keilana Gardner, Emilee Cortez as they prepare to individuals give their speeches as a tribute to those that have passed.

Representatives from the U.S. Navy were present and one specific representative said that he protects his country and its borders.

“Cris”, whose full name was not disclosed, commented that he enjoyed the 9/11 ceremony. He added, “[I] appreciate the sacrifices that were made…9/11 should never be forgotten throughout history.”

For many like “Cris” September 11 will always be an important date, recognizing the sacrifices made by those who serve, including the fire department, police force, and the people in the military. 

Kailee Figaro
“Cris” serves in the USA Navy and stands in front of the big red Oak Hills High School logo sign.

Sergeant Reinsburg, a marine recruiter for Oak Hills High School, often attends school events and is recognized as a hero. His favorite part about OHHS is that the students do the pledge of allegiance every single day. He explains that the schools he attended did not do this, and he thinks it’s really cool that everyone at OHHS participates. He was inspired by his grandfather to start serving in the military. He began boot camp at the age of 19.

Sergeant Reinsburg serves in the military due to having family here in the states and because he loves getting a chance to protect them.  

While he was only in 2nd grade on September 11th, 2001, the day still means a lot to him. He believes that the 9/11 ceremony is important because it honors everyone in the community who serves and it gives the community a chance to all come together on a dark day. He believes that 9/11 brought America together and it is always important to honor the innocent lives that were lost on this day. 

Sgt. Reinsburg is pictured, he currently serves to recruit people from Oak Hills High School. The picture was taken by Kailee Figaro

While 9/11 was a tragic day in history, it gives the community a reason to come together and honor this day and the people who serve. The OHHS volleyball team continuously honors the lives lost on this day in history, and the people who serve.

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