Avid II and the Family You are Able to Create


Precious Vasquez

In this photo Martin Munoz (right) was confused about a math problem. Alex Mendoza then explained the math problem so that Martin was able to understand. Together they finished their math tutorial.

Avid (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a class that students take where they gain knowledge about colleges, jobs or anything that can help their future. Any student can be in Avid as long as they are hardworking and talk to their counselor about going into the class. Avid which is taught by Robert Williams and Regina Bell,  helps to teach you how to become more organized and prepare for life outside of high school. You have to enroll in this class before the school year starts or you will be unable to go into it.

Avid does activities that make the students closer and according to Kimberly Montenegro, “Avid is just like a big family”.

Avid does fun Fridays which can help with the bonding that the kids in the class create. Also, going on field trips to tour colleges and just being together in a class where they are talking about preparing for your future can make students bond like a family. They are all going to face the struggles of high school together as they go through Avid l, ll, lll and llll and facing these struggles together can bond people, creating a family during your four years in high school.

As stated by Alex Mendoza, “Avid has helped me learn and gain knowledge from colleges that I would like to go to. It also helped determine what career I would like to pursue”.

A class like this is important in high school because there are not many kids who have their life planned out and know exactly what they want to do especially coming out of high school. Having a class like this can help put students on the right path so that they can be successful in the future. Taking Avid would be a great opportunity because they help keep you organized and they help to make sure that you are on track with your credits so that you are able to graduate.

As explained by Martin Munoz, “Avid is a great program that will help get me into different colleges”.

Avid has you take Cornell notes in class and if you do not understand something, you are able to talk to one of the teachers so that you are able to get a better understanding of the concept. This helps students stay on track with their school work so that they fully understand what is going on in all of their classes. Avid is a safe place where you are able to meet new people and get a better understanding of what colleges want from you. This program helps students prepare for their future and overall do better academically. Avid has created a family-like environment where students are able to be themselves and plan for life after high school. 

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