Friday Night Lights: Dog Pound

First game of the 2019-20 OHHS Football Season

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 In honor of our ten year anniversary, Oak Hills High School gave the student section a chance to change their name. Many people agreed on the name Dog Pound. Coming upon the 2019 – 2020 football season, this is our second year participating in the Dog Pound, which is a student-run organization and it consists of attending the games and showing school spirit. Dog pound can attend all sporting events, football and basketball are the two main games students go out for. When you go to an OHHS game, if you sit in the section they give out necklaces and pom-poms. When it is our rivalry game the first 100 students to fill up the middle section get food and drinks.  Dog pound takes everyone’s school spirit and combines it into something magical, all the students and staff who are in Dog Pound are fearless. Dog Pound gets everyone out to chant and makes memories to last a lifetime, all the pictures and laughter that are captured not only makes the students in the section come out to more games but it also shows the players how their peers are.



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