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2018-2019 Athletic Department Highlights

Oak Hills High School has a variety of different sports. An example of these sports include volleyball, baseball, and soccer. Oak Hills High School is known for their outstanding student athletes. Many of our sports teams have won different competitions and many of our athletes have achieved many things.

Here are a few updates from the OHHS 2018-2019 sports season:


The volleyball team this year won the 2018-2019 Mojave River League Championship. This season they were 10-0 in league.

Senior Elizabeth Uelese won MRL Player of the Year. She also won Athlete of the week for San Bernardino County, player of the week for the Victorville Daily Press, all San Bernardino county team 2018-2019.

Maddie Gardner achieved MRL first team 2018-2019. Gardner is also committed to Concordia College in New York.  


The baseball team has achieved many things this year, it was definitely a good season for them. They won MRL League this year as well as in the past two years.

“We work hard all season and all of the work paid off…it sucks for us Seniors that the season had to end in the Semifinals,” explains varsity baseball player Joe De La Torre.

The team participates in community service and they have different team bonding events to bring them even closer together.

“My last season went well. We exceeded expectations and are going far in CIF,” Senior Varsity Pitcher and Zachary Becker is a player on the varsity team, the team is more like family, “I am having a pretty good season and it’s nice to end my career with the team I’m proud to call my brothers.”

For the upcoming baseball season, Joe says there are a few baseball players to lookout for.

“Some players to lookout for next season is Jacob Rangel, Julian Macias, and James Van Houser,” explains Joe. “They all got talent and I expect another MRL championship from them next season.”

Girls Soccer

This year our Girls Soccer team won two different championships: the MRL Championship and CIF Championship.

According to Tupou Suliafu, junior on the varsity soccer team, winning these championships just makes them want to work harder and achieve more. They had good training days but also had some days where they slacked off, but their coach, Joe Kulm, was always there to help them regain focus. This year they were determined to do better things. They knew they had the team they needed to go far, it made them hungrier for the wins.

“We knew we could do it and we knew we had the players to do it so it just made us want it more than anyone else,” said Tupou.

These are just some of the highlights of some of the sports here at Oak Hills High School. We have many different sports for our students to participate in. If a student is interested in a sport or wanting to know about our coaches and players, they may visit the Oak Hills High School Athletic Department.

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