The Big “F-Word”


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Feminism has many different definitions but the most common one is the empowerment of women’s equality. Anything to do with women stereotyping or human rights, feminists are on top of it. To find out about the feminist culture in today’s world Paw Print newspaper spoke to Emily Shire, an activist for women’s rights at the Daily Beast. The Daily Beast is an online newspaper that covers topics around the world.  

“Feminism means to me, simply equal opportunities for men and women. Equal opportunities, regardless of sex discrimination whether is is economic, social, or political opportunities.” says Emily Shire.

All throughout the world women are degraded because of their gender, feminists try to stop that. There are violent and nonviolent protests for women in all different countries. Feminists wants to have equal pay, job opportunities, and to stop gender shaming.

“I think that the biggest thing is the idea that feminists- feminism is so often misunderstood with this idea of women trying to get ahead of men or that women trying to up one men and not about creating- making sure there is equal opportunities.” Shire states. Most people believe that feminists hate men and want it to be a competition between the two genders. When in reality feminists just want to be equal to men. It’s all about equality, not overpowering men but having the same standards as them. A trend has been going on that Shire touched base on, #WomenAgainstFeminism. These people believe they don’t need feminism at all. It has been an ongoing war with feminists and women against feminism on social media. This however is nothing new, women have been pushing away feminism since the 19th century stating that traditional ways is better.

Feminism has given women all around the world the chance to get jobs in higher areas, have the proper education, and have gender equality. “In so many ways- big areas like politics. Politically, socially, or economically. we need feminism so girls in developing countries where this isn’t as allowed can have those opportunities.” Shire says.

Feminists have received the backhand of today’s generation. In general people have said that they support feminists but yet protests are shut down all over the world leading to jail time, beatings, and even death. In specific countries women are not allowed to protest for what they believe.

In September of 2015 at a Muslim conference in Pontoise, France two female activists took over the stage with French writing on their bare torsos reading “No one makes me submit”. The two feminists from the activist group called “Femen” were hauled off stage and one of the women was repeatedly kicked by a mob of men.

We need feminism because fighting for what you believe in has never been more needed. Without feminism we pass on the traditional stereotype of a woman and how they should be treated. We teach little girls to be faithful to their husbands when they are older and that they are not to be seen as equal to a man. We need feminism because women do not have the same job opportunities as a man, they are shamed at birth because of their gender, because women are not to have the same social life as a man. We need feminism because a little girl out in the world does not understand that she is equal to the boy sitting beside her.

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