Black Sun: The Vampire Prince

May 28, 2019


Melanie Pina

Illustration of a scene depicted in Joanna Cruzs novel called Black Sun.

The center of this marvelous space distracted him from his vision of a masquerade, a place grand enough for a ball to be held. He had never seen such a room that held a chandelier to mirror soft colors with a floor of marble and Greek pillars on the sides. Such unique touch of the Ancient Greeks and the Victorian style in a perfect mix of which he has never seen.

“You have awoken,” Adrik jumped out his skin from the strange voice. In alarm he turned to see a man who stood next to the marvelous built throne of blinking gold and mellow red velvet, it nearly stood at his height.

The man stood in a straight posture in an attire sewed from blue velvet, he looked like any other spoiled nobleman Adrik had seen. The man’s hair was a soft colour of gold that motioned in waves into ringlets with a slight white sheen reflected from the white lighting above. His bright and peculiar emerald green eyes outmatched his pristine coloured skin of ivory.

The thought of Alice interrupted his stare from analyzing the structure of the man’s face as a frown appeared, seeing a familiarity: the contours, the porcelain and delicate skin, the impression of his eyes…

“How do you feel?” the sound of his voice took Adrik out of his analyzation and saw the solemn expression on the man’s face. His lips were in a slight frown Adrik nearly missed it if he hadn’t noticed the soft tightening of the lips.

“You have been in a slumber for two days. You should feed soon, or else you will be ill.”

Adrik only stared at the tall blond haired man as he took a step backward off the soft carpet. A pressure bloomed in his chest to catch his attention on a new fact: he wasn’t breathing, and the weight increased from the lack of air his lungs had.

Why wasn’t he breathing? Why has he been holding his breath? As if he had said his thoughts out loud, the man answered him.

“You are a walking corpse, Adrik,” the older voice answered, too soft and low for a human to detect but his clear like church bells in Adrik’s ears.

“You can live without inhaling a breath, but it is rather uncomfortable to do so.”

It burned. It begun to swell his throat as it begged for any relief to come its way, Adrik’s small hand touched his throat and only felt the cool surface of his soft skin. His babyish cheeks were powered by a blush from the strengthen of the heat. The cells wailed inside his little body as his bones shivered painfully from the fire, tears peaked at the corner of his eyes to fall like a shower. A thick cough was released from his tormented throat when a shock of fright gripped him.

“Do not be afraid.”

From a step forward he took, Adrik only stepped back in great caution – his eyes narrow and hard as he stared at the man. The odd presence of surprise and sadness appeared on the gentleman’s face that caused the boy to recall something he heard from Eleanor.

Adrik remembered the rumors that surrounded the very presence of the Vampire King among the human population in Arcmery. There were many notions of both who he is and what he is. Being one of the few lucky Mortals to serve in the very castle of the almighty Vampire King, Adrik overheard many things from the Nobles and the Aristocrats – especially from the women – of the King being a very young Vampire and held the highest position in the Vampire World, something that was never accomplished before. He seems more of a god to them than a King.

He was a tall and beautiful man; it would be no surprise that you would fall for those lovely green eyes. And his gold-like hair is rather pretty.

Eleanor had said she met the Great Vampire King directly and her description matched the man that stood before him: tall, blond haired, and green-eyed.

The King lowered his head slightly from the thought he had just heard.

“You’re the King,” Adrik stated before a gasp erupted from his throat. The soreness completely forgotten by the odd melodious sound of his voice. “What did you do to me? Why do I sound like this?” a cough interrupted him from the slow blossom of a sharp sting causing him to whimper.

“Do you wish to drink or have you decided to slumber for eternity?” King Alois asked as he watched Adrik bend to the floor with his hand to his throat in an attempt to relieve the pain he was experiencing.

King Alois only listened to the heart wrenching whimpers and small cries of the boy – the light in his green eyes only dulled as he looked away, unable to hear such sounds.

“What did you do to me?!” Adrik demanded when a painful cry was freed without his consent.

Air seemed to neglect him in his agony and rejected to allow words to be spoken from his lips. His little mouth was opened with his chest moving up and down, heavy breaths took over his speech as if to him everything he had previously suffered was child’s play. With his arm on the ground to hold his weight, Adrik closed his eyes tightly and silently begged for the pain to leave him.

What did you do to me?

“I have done the only option to keep you alive.” King Alois’ voice was low, transparent of guilt but Adrik was much too distracted to notice the change in his tone. “And now onward, you must feed as I feed. This is the lone choice in existence Mortals have to continue to live in this world.” Adrik trembled from the wanting to collapse. “I understand you are angry-”

“Angry?” Adrik managed to choke out. “You don’t know wha-” a high-pitched wail took over his already weaken state.

“I know.” the King stated. Remorse written on his face from his decision as he thought in an unreachable place. “There is no use to express your emotions when I can understand. We will continue after you have drank.”

The appearance of the glass caught Adrik’s eye and he became frightened from the red color of the already poured liquid. The sight of the drink glowed under the white lights – it seemed to have laughed at him – and his heart pounded in his chest. Very faintly, he trembled in excitement from the imagination to have the sweet scented liquid flow down his throat. He watched it move slightly as the King walked down the few steps, the unusual bright color – paler than blood – gave a soft honey-like perfume.

The unannounced gentle touch of the King’s hand on his forehead startled him. The green orbs stared, his face close enough to see the contours of his alluring face. A prominent nose and jawline with the cheekbones in a soft curve, the golden blond hair looked soft to the touch.

Adrik now understood what Eleanor meant from the beauty this man had. He understood this sort of charisma he gave with only a stare – it was no wonder why so many of high-ranked female Vampires spoke of him so often.

“You have begun a fever.” Alois said gently with the glass in his other hand, Adrik became sheepish from his staring. “Please, drink this,” he took Adrik’s hand to wrap his small fingers around the glass. Adrik only stared at the soft, red colour of the liquid and hesitated to let a drop on his tongue. “Do not be afraid Adrik. It is not blood.”

He questioned in a hoarse voice, “What is it?” his attempt to hold the glass failed as it slipped from his fingers when the King caught it in an instant.

Aware of the poor strength in young one’s limbs, he held him into a sitting position. The harsh tremble of his small body made Alois stare for a moment. His eyes revealed his quiet concern from the hard breathing and the panic in Adrik.

I understand, I truly understand…

“Just a simple elixir. Pretend it is water if you would like.” Alois’ lips curled, his ample cheeks became slightly plump from his smile. “Here,” the soft grip of the older Vampire’s fingers stunned him when he noticed the human-like movement of the long and thin fingers. With a light tilt of the glass it gave him a tender kiss.

The brush of the cool liquid greeted his tongue in a gentle meet and breathed air into his parched mouth before it traveled down his throat, its sweet caress soothed the distress in his chest before it spread throughout his form. The cells were given the nurture it needed from the pleasant taste of the generous elixir as his body entered a serenity; an undisturbed peace. Adrik refused to let it end. The thick gulps fell into his chest like heavy rain and he turned deaf and blind to the world he was in – it became a buried memory.

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