8 Things to Know Before Stepping on OHHS Campus


Sydnie Russo

A group of 8th graders walking on to Oak Hills campus for the first time.

  High school is filled with lots of fun memories but also a lot of not so fun memories. This is a time where you decide what direction you want to steer your life into. Some problems are going to come across your path and knowing how to handle them is very hard. So here are 8 things you need to know before walking onto the campus of a high school.

Stay on top of your school work

The reason students are here is to get their education. Stay on top of your homework and classwork, because lowering your grade is very easy, but getting it back up is very hard. Many teachers also do not give out extra credit, so if you really need it, you’re on your own. Also do not interfere with others work.

Have fun!

High school is a place where you can have as much fun as you want as long you respect your school and the people in it. You can go to dances, sports games, pep rallys, and more. It’s all there for you, just go with it and have fun!

People are Going to Start Drama

Drama is all around school. Not getting involved is all you can do. People are going to talk bad about you or a friend and that is their problem. Be the more mature person and act like it doesn’t bother you and it will not affect you. Also do not talk about someone even if you don’t like them. It will always get back to them.

Respect Both Teachers and Students

Teachers are the most important people on this campus and they are always stressed out. Each teacher has about 5 classes each with almost 40 kids in every class. So don’t disrespect them, they already have too much to do and handling disrespect is the last thing they want to do. They are just trying to get through the day just like you.

Upper Class Men Will Help You, Just Ask!

No one at OHHS will turn you down if you need help. If you get lost on your first day of school, we got you! Here we will always have your back if you ever have any questions. If you need to know your way around the office or need help knowing staff’s names, you can always just ask.

Your First Day Will Be Intense

High school is an exciting thing. Your first day of school is going to be intense and no one will judge you. If you get lost no one will be mad, or if you are walking down the hallway and you bump into someone always say sorry. Being on a new campus is hard and stressful so your first day will be exciting and fun.

Visit the Career Center

Knowing what you want to do after high school is very important. A name you want to remember is Diane Rodriguez, also known as D-Rod. She works in the career center and helps all the students get jobs, look for colleges, and even apply to colleges. She can guide you through your entire high school experience.

Have Some Bulldog Pride!

No one is ever too cool for school. Have fun being a bulldog and show it with pride, go to sports games and have fun. Maybe scream at a pep rally and get more involved with the activities at school. Even support clubs or electives that you do not have. We are all a family here at Oak Hills. Do not be afraid to say hi to upper class men or other freshman you know, that is what we are here for.

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