OHHS Staff vs Students Basketball Game

A battle between the Bulldog Family


Yuri Cain

A poster on campus promoting the game and giving more information about it

Oak Hills High School had their Staff vs Students Basketball Game on Friday, April 26th. The game started at 4 PM and costed $4 for visitors to watch. Some of the OHHS varsity and JV team competed against staff consisting of teachers and proctors. It was an all male court and as the game started, the points quickly started to tally up. Jeffery Gunnerson, a teacher and the voice of OHHS, was the commentator during the game and humored the crowd during time-outs and half time. The students maintained a lead on the scoreboard but multiple times throughout the game, the teachers were able to catch up. By the time the fourth quarter came up the students were at 70+ points while teachers were at 50. As a joke, one of the scorers rang up the staff’s points to be a few places behind the students making it an extremely close game. 

“The best part was being able to have fun and play competitive ball game as a team of staff members against the school’s best students,” comments Jordan Verrett, a Physics teacher at OHHS and #20 on the court for the game.

Although some students and staff may have missed out on the opportunity to play or watch, you can go to the Athletics office or ASB to ask about next year.

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