Bulldogs Attend ICAN Festival at Sultana High School

ICAN Festival Was Hosted At Sultana High School with Fellow Bulldogs as some of the Finalists

April 25, 2019


Clarissa Lozano

Winners of the superintendent film award. Hesperia High School Students present a very good film that takes the superintendent award.

[Updated: May 9, 2019] Talent can be seen in many forms, as it can be recognized by certain people and praised for creativity or by the simple moral behind people who are acting in the film. Films play an influential part in society that tells a story and gives individuals a chance to reflect on what a film has revealed.

Sultana High School hosted the HUSD ICAN Festival – an event to share the work of student filmmakers to relatives, friends, and with staff members in the Hesperia Unified School District. Chris Mauger, principal of Cottonwood Elementary School hosted the event for the fifth year in a row.

All contestants were welcomed by a red carpet with a photographer as they entered the PAC of Sultana High School. Contestants were allowed to sit in reserved seats or were allowed to sit with their family and friends.

“We really wanted to give kids a really good form of demonstration to share their creativity. I think it’s a great tool for  kids to do some wonderful things. Digital media has really taken off in the last ten to fifteen years, and this is a great way to have our kids show literacy,” Robert McCollum stated on what the ICAN Festival is for. 

ICAN Festival presented the 31 finalists videos with judges allowing the audience to decide on one film that they enjoyed most. All finalists attended ICan from Cypress School of the Arts, Hollyvale Innovation Academy, Joshua Circle Elementary, Eucalyptus Elementary, Mission Crest Elementary, Mesa Grande Elementary, Cottonwood Elementary, Shadow Ridge School, Sultana High School, Hesperia High School, and Oak Hills High School. Each finalists’ video was presented to the audience that showed potential and talent in various areas.

Clarissa Lozano
Only one school’s film was chosen for each individual category.

“The festival is tremendous opportunity for students to follow their passion and will hopefully allow them to discover a career they love that will support them into the future,” OHHS principal Michael Capps spoke on his opinion towards his thoughts on the ICAN Festival.

Each video was shown pertaining to what genre it was of, which all the genres from that night were comedy, drama, and horror. They were all shown in various forms of film such as, clay animation, musica video, or commercial. Each award was presented in different sections of Superintendent, Imagination, ICan Favorites, Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Teacher Feature, and the Grand Champion.

ICan ended by presenting the final winners for the festival. The suspense thriller, Emma, from Eucalyptus Elementary School was named as the Grand Champion. 

Three of Oak Hills High School students were selected by ICan: Mariah Collins and Nita Ndugbu presented Instant Water; Sam Shell, Bradley McKee, and Timothy McKinney presented Procrastination; and Nathan Morris and Giselle Galicia presented Robotics the Future And Beyond. Though OHHS students did not win the event, they were able to gladly present talented and comedic films that were chosen to be at ICAN. Here are those films that were submitted to the festival:

Mariah Collins and Nita Ndugbu, Instant Water

Sam Shell, Bradley McKee, and Timothy McKinney presented Procrastination

Nathan Morris and Giselle Galicia presented Robotics the Future And Beyond

On May 8, 2019 HUSD sent out an announcement via Twitter to showcase the 31 finalists who participated in the ICAN Festival.

The Hesperia Unified School District hosts the ICAN Festival every year and is open to HUSD Students. If you are interested in participating next year, contact the Hesperia Unified School District.

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