The Switch In the Front Office of OHHS


Alyssa Gonzalez

Johnston teaches a class of ASB students for fourth period.

As we learned in the beginning of the school year Genevieve Johnston, a staff member at Oak Hills High School, changed positions and moved to the discipline office and OHHS welcomed MaryJane Smith as our head of ASB (Associated Student Body) and into the Bulldog family. Over Spring Break a change of positions were taken by Johnston and Smith, where their positions had switched back to what they have previously been. Throughout the year students have grown accustomed to having them in their positions, but this switch isn’t going to change anything. Although we were unable to learn how Smith feels about interacting with students in a new environment and different department, we were able to contact Johnston and receive a few words from her.

“It feels great! I didn’t leave ASB because I no longer loved it, but rather to grow as an administrator. Some day I want to be principal of OHHS,” comments Johnston on being back at ASB.

Students have voiced their concern regarding who they can confide in and go to when seeking advice in the discipline office; others have asked if they are still welcome to seek advice from Johnston herself.

“Of course [the students can come to visit me]! My door is always open to the students of OHHS no matter where my office is. One of the main reasons I decided to become an administrator at a high school was to help students as much as possible. I will be really sad if they don’t come and see me anymore and fill me in on their lives,” states Johnston happily.

As a Bulldog family and well regarded high school that sets the standard for High Desert education, we look forward to many more years with Johnston and Smith as they contribute to the growth and well being of OHHS.

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