5 Top Reasons To Go To Grad Nite

Grad Nite is coming around the corner


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Grad Nite is around the corner and many people are excited to go on the one last time bond with their friends and fellow peers. The event is a school field trip that lasts throughout the night at Six Flags, which is shut down from outside visitors, with the senior class and other high schools as well. It is a great experience to be with your friends while enjoying an amusement park, crowd free. It’s a great fun night to remember for your senior year experience as a last hoorah. If you are still on edge about going, here are some reasons that you should know about. 

1.It’s affordable!

For a fun night to go a to an amusement park with your friends for a whole night the cost is relatively cheap. The money you pay for Grad Nite covers your bus trip, being at Six Flags, and even a meal once you get there. A normal Six Flags ticket is around $90 but that is without including your gas to get down there and the food you will have to buy.  

2.Great memories are made!

Grad Nite is going to be one of the greatest memories from your senior year. Being with your friends on roller coasters will be such a wild experience and it will be great for photos. You might even end up hanging out with people from your class that you never noticed while on campus. 

3.You get to meet new people that are going to your college!

By this time of the year, when you’re a senior, mostly everyone knows where they are going to go to college. This means that some people will be wearing their college merchandise. You may see someone repping the same school as you or the one that you want to go to and you can start a conversation with them. The conversation may lead to becoming acquaintances and later being friends in college. 

4.It’s a fun all nighter experience!

Most amusement parks are only open for people to enjoy during the day, while Grad Nite actually occurs while it’s dark outside. The fact that it is nighttime adds to the suspense and excitement of the roller coasters because you’re not able to see what is coming up next on the ride. Being there at night also gives you a thrill because you know that there will not be as many people pushing and shoving. 

5.Last time you get to do something with your class!

Going to Grad Nite means that it is the last time to hang out with the people you have been going to school with since the beginning of your high school experience. You get to have fun with them before you hit graduation day which for Oak Hills High School students is May 30th. After Grad Nite there are no other events/field trips to do with your senior class.

Grad Nite is a once in a lifetime experience and missing it is something you will end up regretting. Parents will most likely let you go because of the good cost and the fact that there will be multiple chaperones present. Don’t miss out Grad Nite you will have such a fun memorable night it will be a great way to end your senior year.

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