The New Breakout School Mural at OHHS


Matthew Johnson

Recent picture of the redo on the mural of the bulldogs sign at OHHS.

(Updated: May 3, 2019) Students at Oak Hills High School may have noticed a fresh-looking bulldog from Ranchero Road or upon entering campus from the parking lot. Oak Hills High School’s administration recently discussed how the mural for OHHS was fading for the past year and how it would be nice if it were to get redesigned.

On April 4, 2019, it was announced that the mural was updated with a bulldog breaking out through the bricks.

“At first I was not sure if there was something different because it was suddenly so eye-catching,” explains Aryanna Rosiles, “I think the mural is a good change and it is cool.”

Earlier in the year, Matthew Johnson, Assistant Principal of OHHS, began looking for someone that was able to update the mural. Dr. George Landon, Hesperia Unified School District Assistant Supervisor of Business services, was asked to help out and he agreed with the idea and began helping with the search of possible vendors.

OHHS Vice Principal of Athletics Shawn Yancey attended an event where Murals for Schools attended, which he discovered was the company that did created the original mural above the PAC and gym. Yancey informed Murals for Schools about needing an updated design and they agreed to doing it.

Close up picture of the bulldog breakout on the mural.

Principal Secretary Trish Edwards speaks her opinion on the mural and how she contributed to it, “When I saw a brochure of their work at other schools, I saw the breakout idea. I asked for an additional quote and an artist rendering the Bulldog head. It came back looking awesome.”

Class of 2022 student Almadj Youssef adds, “It looks good. I think it fits well with our bulldog school.”

For more information feel free to contact the principal’s office.

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