The Kid With Tall Hair

Nathan Rubio, a freshman here at Oak Hills High School, is best known as the kid with the tall mohawk. At 16 inches being the tallest his mohawk has ever been, he has recently cut it down to 9 ½ inches. Nathan started rocking his mohawk at a young age and has yet to stop styling it that way. Eventually he plans on cutting his hair shorter in the future, but not anytime soon.

When asking him what inspired him to have a mohawk he responded, “Ever since I was little my mom would do my hair in a mohawk so I stuck with it when she asked me do it again. I’ve had my mohawk for a really long time. Ever since I was a little kid”.

Considering Nathan has had his mohawk for a couple of years now, many would think his hair routine is simple and quick. That it not the case with this mohawk.

According to Nathan, it can take anywhere from thirty minutes to forty five minutes to do his hair. This routine consists of combing upwards, using a variety of products, and blow drying. Nathan’s go to products would be Tresemme Hairspray and Gorilla Snot when doing his hair.

Without his mohawk, Nathan says he feels just as confident. His mohawk does not define him as a person, just simply adds to his spunky personality. Some days Nathan feels unmotivated to do his hair in which many of us could relate, but he still feels he is just an average teenager who loves standing out.

Sent in by Nathan Rubio
Nathan posing with friends before performing Into the Woods.

Recently, Nathan starred as the stick pig in the last school play of the year, Into the Woods. Nathan has enjoyed acting for a while, considering he has had acting experience before performing for OHHS.

“I like drama because it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing for a long time. I like the feeling of being on stage performing with friends and for people, even though sometimes I’ll get nervous,” Nathan states.

Nathan is normally not one to be very shy but sometimes before performing he can get very shy. One way Nathan overcomes nervousness is by thinking about how much he enjoys being on stage.  Nathan is a very unique teen who has been attending OHHS for only a year now as he is a freshmen, and within that time he has stood out quite a lot in positive way.

Leila Martin is a contributing writer of Paw Print who is apart of the bulldog class of 2021. She is a very involved student here at OHHS and has been writing with us for about a year now.

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