Meet the Marchers of Oak Hills High School Drumline

Know What the Members of Drumline Experience

April 2, 2019


Joanna Cruz

Members of Oak Hills High School Drumline with choreographer Raymond Moreno

Oak Hills High School has many groups of students in the arts, such as drama, band, orchestra, and other places that supports the school. Students tend to work after school to practice their skills with other members of the activity. One of these groups of OHHS very own drumline – a musical marching ensemble.

Drumline is choreographed by Raymond Moreno (who also choreographs OHHS pageantry) and participates with OHHS Pep Rallies, football games, and even has students who play various instruments in concert bands. Drumline even competes their own drumline in the Spring across southern California.

Joanna Cruz
Drumline member practicing the Pit Percussion

Students who are interested in drumline must audition in the summer, this is where students are placed with an instrument that best suits them at their level, but another factor that is taken into account is what is needed for the group. Drumline is a year round activity that takes summer to practice for the upcoming fall.

“Drumline gives students a chance to build their discipline as well as push them to their limits, it also gives kids a chance to experience how great competitions can be and exciting it is,” Savannah Jackson, freshmen here at OHHS explained on what students can learn from drumline.

Jackson plays the Snare Drum and has declared that joining drumline was the best decision she has ever made, as she has made new friends and has experienced nothing but having fun with her peers during class and through the late practices.

Jackson loves the winning and losing of spending time with other students who are worth staying late with practices for, as well as working hard with. She also learned to not procrastinate with both school and learning to do drumline.

Drumline allows a student to build discipline through hard work, teamwork, and balancing academics with drumline. By learning to juggle two things at once it is a resourceful skill that can be taught through drumline between doing education and practicing drumline.

Some people believe that just knowing how to hit a drum is all the requirements of drumline, but that is not the case. Drumline has a similar musical idea of playing any other instrument by learning how to play soft or loud and learning dynamics.

Senior Kelli Dzajkich states, “One benefit of being in Drumline is that you get to make friends with people who have the same interest as you. Another benefit is that Drumline is very rewarding because you learn many new skills like cooperation and time management”. 

Dzajkich is Drumline Front Ensemble Captain and loves drumline because she has learned self-discipline and time management just from joining this activity. 

Joanna Cruz
Senior Kelli Dzajkich, Pit Captain/Front Ensemble Captain of Oak Hills High School drumlineDrumline performs to support the school through half-times during football games and Pep Rallies, and students are able to learn responsibility, teamwork, discipline, and even learning to play an instrument.

OHHS drumline is always looking for a new member for the next year and it is more helpful if a student knows how to play a drum, piano, or mallet percussion.

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