ASB Election

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On Friday March 28, 2019 elections for ASB President,  ASB Vice-President, ASB Secretary, and ASB treasurer will be happening. Students running for ASB President are Lizette Sanchez, Class of 2020, and Cailyn Zepeda, class of 2020. Students running for ASB Vice-President are Madison Story, Class of 2021, and Hailey Rochin, class of 2020. Student running for ASB secretary is Julia Nava, Class of 2020. Students running for ASB Treasurer are Madison Boinski, class of 2020, and Erin Dodds, class of 2020. Voting will take place during fourth period, but there will be no announcements to give time for voting.

“This election means nothing for my own benefit but mainly for my hope of a successful year for everyone at Oak. I really love everything that this job entitles to do and believe I can do everything effectively and efficiently. I want to bring our campus together as a whole and give our clubs and our classes many ways to fundraise. I support OHHS with everything and hope that my impact on the school can encourage future years on a ohhs a motive to do the same,” Lizette Sanchez, Junior running for ASB President for class of 2020.

This election shows how Oak Hills High School lets their students have a say in who they would like to be in charge of ASB. The results will be announced once everything is tallied.

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