Ben Kaufer and the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Who is Benjamin Kaufer and where will he go from here?

Ben Kaufer smiling in a Disney pullover

Allyson Patten

Ben Kaufer smiling in a Disney pullover

  Oak Hills High School is known for having outstanding student athletes who go on to play the sport in college. However, senior football player Benjamin Kaufer, also known as Ben, has applied and been accepted into his dream school, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He will be playing football for the college but also wants to focus on his studies with engineering. 

Originally coming from Serrano High School, Ben Kaufer transferred his second semester of freshman year and played Defensive End and Center on the OHHS team for his entire high school athletic career. He joined varsity while only being a freshman and has gave OHHS a great four years since. Although his skill and ability in football are unmatched, his passion truly lies in engineering. 

Rose-Hulman is a private college that specializes in the STEM programs (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The school is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Indiana is known for its cold weather and farmland, also holding the Indianapolis 500

“I’m going to miss my flops and crocs,” stated Ben sadly.

If you have ever seen Ben around campus you might have noticed that his everyday attire usually consists of flip flops or crocs, shorts, and a t-shirt. He admits that he is going to miss his famous flip flops and crocs as he will be freezing if he tries to pull off that type of outfit in Indiana.

During his time at OHHS, Ben has had lots of help and one of his biggest influencers on campus was Robert Kistner, a football coach on campus, and Jeffery Gunnerson, an Algebra II, Statistics, and Statistics AP teacher at OHHS.

“Kistner is like my dad when on campus,” stated Ben. He also admits that his friends have a big influence on his life. 

Most of his friends consist of Tucker Chamberlin, Jacob McGarvey, and many others from his golf team at OHHS.

One of Ben’s main influencers off campus is his grandfather who has shown him how to be a hard worker and how to get stuff done. His grandfather showed him how far hard work can go and how much it can pay off in the long run. Another person who is off campus that influenced him was his neighbor, Malcolm. He showed him the ropes of engineering and was one of the first people to make Ben realize how much he cared for engineering and how he could eventually pursue it.

Ben said he is really going to miss being so close to everyone on campus and always being able to go to someone for advice or just a quick chat. He is also going to miss his coaches, Mr. Gunnerson, and his aunt Judith Kaufer who is the Athletic Director at Oak Hills High School.

Great things are ahead for Ben Kaufer at college and the OHHS students and staff will be sad to see him go but wish him the best.

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