Spring Break in the Desert: Things to do when you are Broke

Things to do over spring break when you don't have money to spend


Alissa Paz

A picnic basket is set up on the grass

Finding things to do or places to go without spending money can be quite difficult to do. Though spring break is a time that should be used for having fun and going out, it is not always easy when you don’t have money to spend. There are still many things that you can do in the High Desert with friends or family without having to spend any money.

“It can be difficult to find things to do over spring break with friends because we never want to spend a lot of money.” states Mike Rodriguez, an Oak Hills High School senior.

Have a picnic

A picnic is an easy way to enjoy some time with friends or family. It is as simple as packing a small meal using anything that you may already have at home. You may want to take a blanket or sheet to sit on. You can go to a local park and find a spot on the grass and enjoy the weather with others.

Host a potluck

A potluck is a great way to meet with some friends and keep from spending money. You can invite guests and have each person that attends bring their favorite dish or drinks. This is simple because it can be held at a house, or even at a park with tables.

Listen to some podcasts

Podcasts are a good way to distract yourself from boring moments and to learn about the world as well as other topics. There are many podcasts that cover all sorts of topics and you can listen to them while going on trips or even while you do another task. Some podcasts to listen to are, Lore, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Stuff You Should Know.

Host a movie night

A movie night is a fun way to get with some friends and share thoughts about some films after watching them. A great way to host a movie night would be to have each person share their favorite movie and each guest can vote on what they want to watch. You can also have each person bring their favorite snacks as well as make some popcorn to enjoy while watching movies.

Ask for your audience’s input, rent or purchase a small selection of movies in different genres and have a vote. The perfect movie can make all the difference on your big night,” states Bruce T. of Theater Seat Store about hosting a movie night.

Spring break can still be enjoyable even if you don’t spend money. There are plenty of things to do even if you are broke or are just trying to save money. Having a limit on what you can spend doesn’t have to stop you from having fun over spring break.

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