French Movie Posters

A current project in the French class at Oak Hills High School


Savannah Godinez

A display of 4 of the movie posters that were displayed in the French class.

As the second semester is slowly coming to an end, the French class works on creating movie posters of the movies that they have continuously watched in French throughout the year. The movies that the students watched had to do with the content in their current French textbooks. The students were able to research the movies for themselves and then create a movie poster that is to be displayed in their classroom.

Movie Poster Credit:

Beetle Juice  – Jarenni Ambriz

Magnificent – Jasmine Garcia

Lion King – Taryn Brantsma                                        The Avengers – Miguel Martinez

Sleeping Beauty – Jackie Balyan                                  Pocahontas – Farrah Washington 

Beauty and the Beast – Lorraine Torres                     Happy Feet – Naydean Matthews

The Little Mermaid – Jacquelyn Rangel                     Bee Movie – Hailie Holt

Finding Nemo – Lorrarme Torres                                Amelie – Samuel Perez

Chicken Little – Jacqueline Bustos                              101 Dalmatians – Jordan Stevens

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Ashley Quiroz


For more information about the French Class, contact Foreign Language teacher Susan Kratofil.

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