The Obesity Epidemic

Student opinion on fast food


Melanie Pina

Drawing of a teen eating junk food and watching tv

In America we are tempted with savory, fast, and inexpensive foods, but did you know that these delicious foods can actually cause more harm than good? About 13.7 million teens and children ages 6-19, and sometimes even younger, struggle with this problem. There are many effective ways to lower the rates of obesity in America. However, we must do something about it fast before it gets out of control.

In 2018 a survey created by USA Today showed that more than 1 in 3 adults eat fast food a day. The survey also found that people with higher incomes tend to eat out more than people with lower incomes. However, people with lower incomes also tend to eat badly. Some are not able to afford healthy food because of stores raising prices, which makes it harder to make healthy home cooked meals.

A study done by Statista in December of 2017 showed that around 129.14 million people are working full-time jobs in the US. Many families are forced to stop by a fast food restaurant before going home so that they can feed their families. When you work a full-time job you usually do not have enough time to prepare a home-cooked meal, which is why I think fast food restaurants should change the way they make their food. There should be a law that prevents these restaurants from using such horrible, and fattening ingredients in their foods. They should provide a lot of fresh ingredients because honestly, it is not that hard to grow fruits and vegetables from either a garden or a greenhouse. However, I do understand that it could take a lot of work, so if there was a specific job for those companies to maintain the fruits and vegetables, like a farmer that would be good.

I think that doing these changes can definitely change the way our country is handling the obesity epidemic. Healthier meals from fast food restaurants, and mandatory classes for students in high schools, and elementary can do a lot of good, and change.

Senior Madisyn Carrillo is a guest writer from english teacher Mongoly Xiong’s ERWC class.

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