Spring Break in the Desert: Places to Eat

Four places to dine at during Spring break


Alissa Paz

People are seen eating inside of the Freddy's restaurant

Over the week of Spring Break, it is always good to get out of the house and go places. One of the easiest options is going out to eat with friends or family. When it comes to restaurants in the High Desert, sometimes it can seem like options are limited. However, there are still many places for everyone to try and Spring Break is the perfect time to have a taste of a new restaurant.

“Going out to eat is something that I do a lot over Spring Break. I especially like getting to go to new places and try different things,” states Alejandro Moran, an OHHS senior. 

La Casita Café

This restaurant is perfect for those who enjoy Mexican cuisine. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner making it a great spot to go at any time in the day. They also have take out if you would rather enjoy your meal elsewhere. The restaurant is currently celebrating 25 years of being open.

Molly Brown’s Country Cafe

This country cafe is all about three things: quality, good prices, and good service. This restaurant has multiple locations in the area and is open from 6 AM to 2:30 PM for breakfast and lunch. This is a great place to visit for anyone that is a fan of breakfast as well as lunch, and they have many options to choose from on their large menu.


Freddy’s is a restaurant that is based around “All-American” meals which includes their Steakburger, the most popular item on the menu. They also serve frozen custard, another staple food item on their menu that has gotten a lot of praise over the years. Freddy’s opens at 10:30 AM every day of the week and closes at 10 PM. It is currently located on Restaurant Row and allows to dine inside or out so you can have the best experience possible.

Katsunori Sushi

Katsunori Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that is best known for its fresh sushi but has other items to choose from such as ramen and salads. The location features two dining experiences and is a great place to grab lunch or dinner. It also allows people to order food there through Doordash. If you want to grab a meal the hours that the restaurant is open is 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM. 

Great variety of sushi and great taste. Never a let down for me,” states Google user Brian Damgaard about Katsunori Sushi.

Eating at different restaurants can really allow you to discover new foods and find different places to enjoy. It is always great to go eat with friends and family and have time together where you can talk and even celebrate special occasions. It is always nice to have a wide variety of places to go eat and enjoy the food that you are eating, and there are plenty of places to do so in the High Desert.

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