Cheerleading Season 2018-2019 and Upcoming Events

Oak Hills High School cheerleaders lined up at a game

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Oak Hills High School cheerleaders lined up at a game

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The Oak Hills High School cheerleading team has had a great year with lots of fun and memories. They went to the SHARP competition at Knotts Berry Farm and had the varsity team and the mascot place first. However, this upcoming season there will be some changes to the team. Coaches will not be letting freshman students tryout for cheer anymore, leaving it only open for grade levels from sophomore to senior year. Tryouts are around the corner so any students who are considering trying out for the team should be prepared for information over announcements or at the athletics office. Cheerleading is a great sport that is available at OHHS to have fun, make new friends, and learn all types of teamwork while still allowing room for good competition and pushing your athletic boundaries. 

“Cheerleading has been so fun and I am glad I am in it [this year]. I am so excited to see all the new upcoming performances and fun things we do,” stated Vanessa Suarez, a junior here at OHHS and cheerleader for the varsity team. 

The athletics office is always open for questions about cheer or you can contact Laura McPurdy and Elana Dinkins who are the varsity cheer/song coaches.

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