Parent Center Involvement at OHHS with Students

Get to Know What Parents of Students of Oak Hills High School Do

Oak Hills High School’s Parent Center supports students, staff and parents of OHHS. With the help and support of students’ parents and the OHHS staff members, the Parent Center shows their support through volunteer work at school events and provide funds to various families in need. The Parent Center generally obtains volunteers for assistance in events and fundraisers, and obtain donations for items in need to support these functions.

The Parent Center allows and encourages parents or legal guardians of students to attend meetings and support OHHS students and staff. Parents are able to participate and show their support to  OHHS through fundraising, school events, and donations, all while students get the chance to gain a closer bond with their parent or guardian.

With parents and guardians given the chance to spend time with their children through their participation reveals the dedication of encouragement students need.

Parents are able to know the environment of the OHHS.

“I have found that the benefits of being part of the OHHS Parent Center are better and broader than I anticipated. Because of them, one learns so much more about what is happening with the school; the volunteer work allows people an opportunity to serve our students, staff, and community,” Michele Crawford, president of the Parent Center, explained her thoughts of support toward her organization.

The OHHS Administration staff (Principal, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal of Athletics, Activities, and Discipline) and Counseling staff attend the meetings, facilitated by the President, to provide updates in each of their areas, and answer questions from the attendees.

For parents to have a place to know what happens in their child’s school allows the parents to be aware of what the current events are and granted the chance to support the school their child is in.

Parent Laurie Ballard is a frequent visitor and member of the Parent Center that gives support to OHHS by participating in events that the school does. Ballard participated with her children’s teacher at Mesquite Trails Elementary School, she was very active with Cedar Middle School, and she has been with OHHS Parent Center for three years.

Joanna Cruz
Michelle Crawford and Laurie Ballard (Frequent Parent Member f the Parent Center)

“We are a good resource, a good back up plan, we never want to overshadow the other organizations here, we only want to encourage and support the school, clubs, and other activities here,” Ballard explained on what the Parent Center represents.

By supporting clubs and other activities, the Parent Center is a resource for anyone who is representing the school. Helping with scholarships, and showing staff and teachers that there are parents who encourage their children to be involved in the community, goes to show the dedication and genuine support towards OHHS.

“I feel that by doing what we can, as a parent, we just want to support and be the back up plan,” Ballard stated on her role as being a member of the Parent Center.

With the OHHS staff showing support towards students by allowing parents to be involved in activities and events, students will have the necessary encouragement and support of being involved with clubs to represent the school.

Having parents who participate in their child’s school activities gives them the motivation to be more active in revealing their support towards OHHS.

For further information about the Parent Center, speak to the front office receptionist to forward information to the President of the Parent Center for further contact.

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