Clubs That Should Be A Part of OHHS

Three clubs that should be added to the list at OHHS


Melanie Pina

Illustration of clubs that would be amazing to have at Oak Hills High School. Big brothers and sister club( top left corner), Makeup Artist club (top right), and Escape the room (bottom half of page).

There are currently 76 clubs on campus available for Oak Hills High School students. These clubs are a way for students to interact with one another and can also be used as creative outlets. Having these clubs allows students to have more involvement in school as well as do many activities both during and after school. Though it may seem like there are more than enough clubs for students to enjoy, there are others that should be considered as it would allow more inclusivity for students.

“Having a wider variety of clubs to choose from would allow more students to be expressive and make more connections,” states Thomas Flores, an OHHS junior.

Adding new clubs would surely benefit the school as well as each student that chooses to participate in them, there are plenty that should be introduced, but there are three that when asked about, caught students attention.

Makeup Artists Club

Having Makeup Artists Club, where students interested in makeup could get together and practice makeup as well as share tips and tricks with others, would give boys and girls time to share their creativity and get practice with existing skills and create new ones.

Big Brother & Big Sister Club

Another club that should be available is Big Brother & Big Sister Club. This could be a club where students can gather and create brotherly and sisterly bonds with one another as well as help guide each other through school. Students would be able to help each other deal with issues about school or life at home. It would be especially good for those who may have lost their siblings or never grew up with one to guide them.

Escape Room Club

Another idea for a club is an Escape Room Club, this would be a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves and each other by visiting escape rooms and create some of their own. The field trips would be a great time for students and the creation of their own can really test their limits. All of these clubs, like already existing ones, have many benefits for each student that chooses to join. They would all allow students to connect with others as well as build skills and spark creativity.

“Adding new clubs would benefit students because it would give choices other than art or athletic clubs, which is [in my opinion] mostly what they are now,” states Cheri Long, an OHHS senior.

How to Start a Club

To start a club, a student must register their club idea to the activities office and fill out a form that requires you to establish things such as bylaws, finding a club advisor, and explaining the ideas you have for your club. Once approved, you would hold meetings and assign duties to club members, which include, president, vice president, secretary, and a treasurer. From then on you would continue to hold meetings and welcome more students into your club. If any of these clubs interest you, you might want to consider creating one yourself or sharing the idea with someone who will. 

For more information visit the ASB office.

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